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    Hello all, i am after some advice, just wondering if any1 can put me on to a good main line to use for carp and pike fishing, iv been useing diawa sensor in the 15lb but have found this line to be not that great, any advice would be great.

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    fox cammo all the way

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    Maxima is my choice, sorry if you already know this , make sure your loading the line on the spool the correct way and use a spin doctor aswell.

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    Hello Mono
    What breaking strain would u recommend in the maxima

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    Sensor is one of the very best lines available, but you must put it on the reels correctly, and also make sure that you don’t over use the baitrunner (such as tackling up with it on instead of opening the bail arm as you see a lot of anglers do).
    Been using Sensor on a variety of reels for many years now and I have tried other lines and always reverted back to Sensor due to the other lines not giving me anything in return for the extra cash outlay.
    Simo, let me tell you one thing for 100% certainty. Fox Soft Steel & Camo come off the SAME machine as the Sensor does ;o)

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    i tell ya i use fox cammo on one rod and have never been let down by it but i think the shimano catana 15lb line is worth a try aswell

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    Thanks for tne info lads, Think im going to give the diawa sensor another go in the clear but am going to try out a second line aswell maybee the maxima

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    Big Kev

    wychwood specialist

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    Sorry if its a bit late, Ive used 12lb Maxima for years and use this for all my big fish angling, 27lb pike the biggest Ive had yet and no problems at all,great knot strengh, due to cost i have always loaded up with cheap sea line as backing and then loaded them with 150 yrds of maxima right to the lip.

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