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    TF_Admin Girl

    Hi All

    Here are the top 20’s from the first 2 days

    Cheers, Kirsty

    Overall Top 20 Day One

    1st Paul Christie 9 points 171lb 9oz

    2nd Steve Cooke 9 points 163lb 11oz

    3rd Tom Wallis 9 points 137lb 5oz

    4th Lee Wallis 9 points 125lb 9oz

    5th Neil Mckinnon 9 points 124lb 9oz

    6th Colin Dumphy 9 points 119lb 7oz

    7th Steve Ringer 9 points 112lb 5oz

    8th Mark Eves 9 points 109lb 8oz

    9th Kerry Kirkwood 9 points 98lb 4oz

    10th Tommy Pickering 9 points 97lb 2oz

    11th Steve Conway 9 points 82lb 12oz

    12th James Dent 9 points 71lb 8oz

    13th James Knight 9 points 70lb 15oz

    14th Andy Nelson 9 points 70lb 11oz

    15th Martin Holmes 9 points 62lb 14oz

    16th Mick Kearns 9 points 48lb 8oz

    17th Gareth Malham 9 points 11lb 10oz

    18th Andy Geldart 9 points 10lb 4oz

    19th Malcolm Proctor 9 points 9lb 1oz

    20th Andy Pell 9 points 8lb 9oz

    Overall Top Twenty Day Two

    1st Lee Kerry 18 points 214lb 3oz

    2nd Andy Nelson 18 points 200lb 14oz

    3rd Tom Wallis 18 points 146lb 14oz

    4th Steve Ringer 18 points 128lb 7oz

    5th Martin Holmes 18 points 123lb 2oz

    6th Neil McKinnon 17 points 160lb 12oz

    7th Steve Conway 17 points 155lb 14oz

    8th Ray Hayward 17 points 144lb 3oz

    9th Tom Thick 17 points 134lb 13oz

    10th Phil Ringer 17 points 118lb 11oz

    11th Andy Geldart 17 points 104lb 3oz

    12th Mark Harris 17 points 101lb 8oz

    13th Andy Dare 16 points 178lb 11oz

    14th James Dent 16 points 144lb 2oz

    15th Tony Curd 16 points 139lb 2oz

    16th Tommy Pickering 16 points 103lb 5oz

    17th Alan Scotthorne 16 points 97lb 5oz

    18th Paul Christie 15 points 227lb

    19th Brian Loader 15 points 196lb 13oz

    20th Paul Steward 15 points 174lb 10oz

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    Is there anywhere we can view the full placings as i would dearly love to take the p out of a couple of mates fishing it.

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    TF_Admin Girl

    If you email me I can send you them as an attchment [email protected]

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