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    Overall Top 20

    1st Des Shipp 36 points (dropping 9) 407lb 12oz

    2nd Steve Ringer 36 points (dropping 8) 402lb 2oz

    3rd Grant Albutt 35 points (dropping 8) 318lb 3oz

    4th Callum Dicks 35 points (dropping 7) 387lb 4oz

    5th Gary Hamilton 35 points (dropping 7) 339lb 11oz

    6th Tom Wallis 35 points (dropping 5) 338lb 5oz

    7th Alan Scotthorne 34 points (dropping 7) 340lb 12oz

    8th John Whincup 34 points (dropping 7) 266lb 10oz

    9th Andrew Crocker 34 points (dropping 7) 253lb 13oz

    10th Mark Harper 34 points (drooping 5) 256lb 7oz

    11th Simon Fry 34 points (dropping 4) 355lb 5oz

    12th Kevin Baxter 34 points (dropping 4) 298lb 7oz

    13th Andy Bennett 34 points (dropping 3) 398lb 2oz

    14th Andy Oldham 33 points (dropping 6) 375lb 11oz

    15th Leigh Hodgkinson 33 points (dropping 5) 366lb 5oz

    16th Tommy Pickering 33 points (dropping 4) 311lb 11oz

    17th Adam Wakelin 33 points (dropping 3) 330lb 7oz

    18th Kieron Rich 33 points (dropping 2) 322lb 12oz

    19th Sean Cameron 32 points (dropping 6) 337lb 2oz

    20th Martin Leck 32 points (dropping 5) 340lb 3oz

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    Thanks Kirsty for taking the trouble to post the results. Well done Des, hard luck Steve. The only saving grace is even if you had won your section every day you were a tad light on overall weight. Interesting to see how the Preston festival goes, the weather down there looks very wet this week if the forecast I saw last night turns out as expected..

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