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    TF_Admin Girl


    Here is the top 20 results from the first day of the festival.

    Cheers, Kirsty

    Top Twenty

    1st Tony Wynnick 9 points 240lb

    2nd Eddie Green 9 points 196lb 2oz

    3rd Mark Fox 9 points 176lb 3oz

    4th Andy Renton 9 points 172lb

    5th Jimmy Garside 9 points 155lb 8oz

    6th Adam Wakelin 9 points 142lb 15oz

    7th Grant Albutt 9 points 126lb 12oz

    8th Matt Davenport 9 points 108lb 2oz

    9th Craig Elkin 9 points 106lb 8oz

    10th Andy Bennett 9 points 88lb 14oz

    11th Roy Beasley 9 points 69lb 1oz

    12th Jamie Parkhouse 9 points 65lb 3oz

    13th Andy Renton 9 points 62lb 15oz

    14th Steve Barraclough 9 points 61lb 15oz

    15th Wayne Mellings 9 points 54lb 11oz

    16th Nigel Goddard 9 points 44lb 12oz

    17th Andy Gaunt 9 points 15lb 12oz

    18th Simon Jones 9 points 10lb 13oz

    19th Colin Dumphy 9 points 7lb 14oz

    20th Cameron Hughes 9 points 7lb 7oz

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    That could get confusing two “Andy Rentons” 🙂

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    TF_Admin Girl

    Sorry 13th is Andy Leathers

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    Blimey Kirsty , heard yesterday there was 4400lb at Bolingey …..simply staggering if its true.
    The Whiteacres team must have aching arms this morning weighing in all those fish 🙂

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