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        i been using them on banned waters, been whipping em out haha, why are they banned?

        *Post edited by DW to remove the swearing*

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          they are banned in a lot of waters because poorly prepared nuts can be fatal to the fish. Also if the fish do not have a varied diet, it can also cause long term health issues.

          Forgot to mention that they are banned in the same way that you are now for abusing the site (swearing, condoning anti-social behaviour on another thread & also admitting in public to not bothering with a rod license) :o)

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            well done DW

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            TF_proper tidal boy

              surely it would be better to delete this thread as we dont want to encourage rule breaker as well ??

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              Abel Barron

                Fishing and all tiger nuts are banned for the hovering sites for the team. The module of the nuts and technical writing software is invoked for the students. This outlook is shaped out for the mixing of the goals or the nuts in the mid-off of the fishing techniques.

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                Jasper Arrow

                  Tiger Nuts have been banned in many fisheries due to the potential long-term health issues and when cooked incorrectly, the Tiger Nuts can be fatal to fish.

                  Fish need to have a balanced diet and they can become too reliant on the nuts and this affects the fish’s digestive system.

                  In some fisheries, Tiger Nuts were being used too often and in large quantities. Since the fishery owners could not control this, then many made a decision to ban them outright.

                  Because Tigernuts are high fibre and oil content, they are only partially digested by fish. Large areas of the lake bed can be covered with excrement, which can cause overfeeding as other fish will continue to eat the waste.
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