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    anyone got any for sale/ or would copy
    cheers dave

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    hi mate ive got long pole shallow,long pole deep and silvers on the feeder i think if your interested?

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    id be interested in silvers on the feeder if you will sell or copy?

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    ive pm’d you m8

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    Would like the silvers on the feeder……….I’ve got Silvers on the pole Part 1+2 ..bloodworm+joker on com and caster and worm on coms .

    Pm if interested.

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    I have just watched both pole dvds and obviously they are under copyright so can,t and won,t copy them.

    I am willing to swap for any other will raison dvds preferbly or will sell in a weeks time once my dad has watched them all?

    To sell i would want £10 each inc p+p prefer to sell as job lot but will swap individually?

    breamer has 1st choice if i sell then down the list etc

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    cheers vinny
    i already have them two
    many thanks though
    have you got silvers on the feeder?

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    i have carp on the long pole deep which i would be prepared to swap for any except for bloodworm and joker as ive seen this one.

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