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    Good Evening All,

    I am currently looking for a complete Tackle overhaul as I get back into the sport.

    Local Waters here in Italy are small and sessions are brief so I am looking to have the bare essentials so I can grab my kit and go.

    For weeks I have been planning to purchase the Wychwood Extricators in the 9ft 2.75lb combination but tonight when going through reviews, etc I have been swayed by the Nash Dwarf rods of the same spec. I love the scopes and the concept behind it but can’t bring myself to pay those prices.

    I am buying pretty blind as these rods are not available near me so buying online. They both look great, the Dwarfs may have dodgy build quality so I hear?

    Any feedback will be gladly received!

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    Good evening all, in the end I went for the Wychwoods, purchasing just one to begin with before buying another two at the end of the month. All in all happy with my purchase, looking forward to using them next week.

    I also purchased a FOX EOS Reel to go with the rod, very nice too, possibly a little large in the 10000 size (how on earth people use BIG PITs on these I will never know!)

    Take a look over on the blog for more photos and comments

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