Graham and match ace Pete Rice are in total control of the on-site tackle shop (tel: 01926 842188), and with Pete’s results in the matches, I guess we’d better listen-up here at Midland Angler! House Pool 1 (34 pegs) is stuffed with F1s and pole fished at 9 metres will account for these, plus bream and roach, with maggot the top bait. If you fancy fishing the tip, then cast to one of the 2 islands with a conventional feeder or The Method, using dead red maggots on the hook. Pegs 1 to 6, 10 to 16 and 29 to 34 are ‘deadly! If temperatures really plummet then pole anglers are going to have to take a serious look at bloodworm & joker to get in amongst fish. House Pool 2 (39) is the second of the two main match waters at Tunnel Barn but really lend themselves towards pleasure anglers as they both see plenty of bait. Pole or Method feeder fished out to the long island at about 16 metres is the place to put your bait and Pete is never frightened to open a tin of sweetcorn. Top Pool (33) is the place to use up and practise with leftover B&J for bite-a-chuck stuff on the smaller fish, but otherwise, maggot and pinkie will work really well for roach, bream and carp. The ‘Bowl Area’ (pegs 1 to 5 and 30 to 33) holds quite a few very big carp to 20lb, and anglers that enjoy spraying some maggot and fishing either waggler or pole, can bag chub at 1lb apiece once they get amongst them … but watch out for that 20lb ‘Mr Angry’! Day tickets are £7 (that includes use of a keepnet) with concessions £5 during the week and breakfast is served every day of the week. Don’t forget to have your card stamped as after every five visits to Tunnel Barn Farm the next trip is free, Contact fishery owner Mike Hamlington for club bookings only on 01926 842975. All pellet feed must be TNTBF’s own brand sold on site.

Midland Angler