Graham, who runs the on-site tackle shop (tel: 01926 842188) along with match ace Pete Rice, will take your open match bookings on that number and supply anglers with top quality bait and the very best info. Graham is ‘in house’ during March and April, as House Pool 2 (39 pegs) warms up, both in water temperature and red-hot pole elastic! Shoals of Golden orfe will magically appear like a golden cloud burst, fish in the 8oz to 12oz bracket, and you could easily find 30lb shoals of these beauties in your peg … they love worms. Fish two lines, one between 4 metres and 6m, and other at 8 metres. Up to 2 pints of maggots and T-NTTBF own brand of 4mm pellets are the baits to use (you can use any pellet on the hook). Carp will come up in the water, as will plenty of roach and skimmers, so don’t nail your bait to the deck all day. New Pool (44) is another ‘two-liner’ job, with carp between 8oz and 1lb snatching at pellets at 5 metres, but the big boys (8/9lb) can be found 14m across to the island, with yellow corn (cupped in) favourite but don’t be afraid to try a kernel of strawberry corn on the hook. Roach, tench, skimmers and small carp will gobble up maggots and pellet feed. Pegs 22 to 30 are the hot ones so lubricate that elastic! Day tickets are £6 with concessions at £4 during the week and breakfast is served at weekends, although if you ring up in advance, breakfast and a hot cuppa will be waiting for you on arrival. Don’t forget to have your card stamped as after every five trips to the fishery the next visit is free of charge.

Midland Angler