Here are the results from today’s Golden Rod open held on Willow Lake
15 fished
Dennis Holliday    Peg    25
Weight    12lb 14oz
Bait    caster & lobworms
Fished    pole over groundbait
Caught    orfe, chub & skimmers
Dennis comes from Biggleswade
John Pratt    Peg    26
Weight    10lb 10oz
Bait    squatt & pinkie
Fished    pole
caught    tench, skimmers & perch
John comes from Great Paxton
Tony Green    Peg    22
Weight    7lb 10oz
Bait    caster
Fished    pole
Caught    orfe & mix
Tony comes from Royston
We are currently holding a Teams of 4 series over a 5 week period, with 9 teams having entered.
April 2nd was the 3rd match
Results so far
1st    Stanjay Gold                   43 points
2nd    Waterside Angling            48 points
3rd    Chestnut Pool                    49 points
4th    Fox Match                       64 points
5th    Stanjay Method Mix           66 points
6th    Lawn Farm Bait Boys        68 points
7th    Lawn Farm Match            71 points
7th    Rugby (RPCAC)                71 points
9th    newmarket                       86 points
Next weeks Golden Rod will be held on Willow Lake