Here are the results from todays Qualifier held on Honeysuckle lake
14 fished
Steve Gordon    Peg    23
Weight    54lb 1oz
Bait    corn, pellet, meat
Fished    over/middle
Caught    carp and chub
Match Group    Stanjays
Matt Collerson    Peg    16
Weight    45lb 11oz
Bait    corn
Fished    edge & right over
Caught    carp & roach
Match Group    Browning Team Central
Simon Easy    Peg    11
Weight    31lb 14oz
Bait    corn
Fished    over
Caught    carp
Match Group    Cambridge Preservation
Steve Gleeson    Peg    33
Weight    18lb 9oz
Bait    corn
Fished    over
Caught    mix
Match Group    Waterbeach
The final qualifier will be held on 31st July