Fishery manager and venue match ace, Mal Watson (tel: 07966 890086), is keen on Meadow Pool (60 pegs) coming bang into form at this time of the year, with stockies and the odd big lump turning up to feed. As we go into March, worm fished down on the deck will do the business, but don’t ignore corn and waggler tactics with Moorlands own feed pellets (or even maggot for silvers) or the straight lead with hair-rigged baits. Bank (26) and Moors (21) will be similar tactics and baits but Moors does lean more towards pole fishing as you can reach the middle of the pool where plenty of fish are holed-up at this time of the year. The Stock Pool behind Bank only has 5 pegs but is stuffed with carp and all sorts, brilliant for kids, especially if they try some slow sinking bread on the hook. Spring (9) may be small but anglers can catch huge bags of roach on wag ‘n’ mag, and you’ll find big Ghosties and Mirrors cruising about (the latter up to 22lb), and they love pellets and corn … just hope they don’t pick up your maggot on roach tackle! Day tickets are £6 with concessions £5 and after 1.00pm it is £4.50 and £4 respectively. There is an on-site tackle shop, with gorgeous Karen serving up hot food and drinks in the 85-seater café and bar, and owners Mark and Shaun can be contacted on 01299 250427 with the lovely Tracy taking club and match bookings on the same telephone number.


Midland Angler