Located in Hartlebury near Kidderminster in Worcester where new owners Mark and Shaun can be contacted on 01299 250427 and the lovely Tracy will take your club and open match bookings. Look towards feeding little and catching plenty on all pools, with maggots, pinkies, casters and the odd kernel of sweetcorn the main baits, but when the weather is desperately cold, it pays anglers to take every bait permitted and keep ringing the changes to induce delivery … just like an overdue mother! Pole has got to be the most steady method and Bank Pool (26 pegs), Silver (45) and Island (28) are all heavily stocked, so pleasure anglers should take a serious look at these pools, but fish for bites first and then try to get a string of fish together, as going all-out purely for carp could leave you wishing that you hadn’t ignored the vast quantities of other species just waiting to intercept your hookbait. After all, we are in the middle of winter! Day tickets from January 1st have increased to £6 with concessions £5 and there is an on-site tackle shop catering for all your needs. Karen serves up the hot food and drink in the 85-seater café and bar, and at weekends, there is always a ‘special’ on the menu to complement that welcome pint or warming cup of tea after a hard day’s bagging-up.

Midland Angler