head for Front Deans (33 pegs) and Back Deans (31), where a maggot feeder cast out into the deeper water in the middle is the prime suspect. January is all about getting bites and then building on your foundations, and whilst red maggots (dead ones seem to be the best hookers) are to be loaded in a very small feeder, pinkies can be deadly on a cold day. Fluro, fluro, fluro and a few red pinkies are the message, and I would be inclined to play ‘mix ‘n’ match’ both with hookbaits and filling the feeder, but block up some of the holes with tape if it’s ‘brass monkeys’ out there! If the chilly weather sets in and the ice-breakers are set in motion, then I’d definitely order a match pack of bloodworm and joker, which costs around £12 these days, and means you are guaranteed a decent day’s fishing with bites coming all day long. You don’t have to bag 100lb of carp to go fishing, and in any case, carp love bloodworm! Day tickets are £6 and concessions fish for a fiver with the website well worth a visit at: www.woodlandviewfishery.co.uk ‘Peg 1’ (tel: 01905 621521) is the on-site tackle shop and the spacious cafeteria is in the lovely hands of the ravishing Denise who will entice anglers with her ‘Mega Breakfast’ but what you order you must eat it all up … or else!

Midland Angler