Risby Park Lakes


Risby Lakes, Folly, 24 pegs

Saturday 26th November’05, Whizzo Open Match

There was another decent turnout for this week’s Whizzo Open on the Folly, despite the fact that the cold weather was still continuing. Surprisingly the Folly fished exceptionally well again and most anglers had plenty of bites as the carp fed well throughout the entire lake. Last year’s winter ‘hot pegs’ 13 & 14 were tipped to be a good draw for the 2nd week running and Jim Ashman couldn’t believe his luck when he was last choice at the draw bag and was left with peg 14. Jim started on the tip with a small groundbait feeder and single red maggot on the hook and was into fish from the off. Jim continued to catch well throughout the match and put a superb 64-14 on the scales to win the match by over 10lbs. In 2nd place was Andy ‘Motor-mouth’ Quarmby with another great weight of 53-04 off peg 25. Andy had drawn the same peg the previous week and if he draws it again, he’ll be liable to pay rates on it as he’s been there so often! Andy also fished the tip with maggot but alternated between red and white to keep the bites coming. I was fortunate enough to take 3rd place with 34-02 off peg 19, I fished the waggler at full depth with white maggot and corn.

Result : 1st J. Ashman, Croda AC, 64-14.  2nd A. Quarmby, Spenboro’AC, 53-04.  3rd  N. Robinson, Whizzo / Discount Tackle, 34-02.  4th M. Wood, Peggy Tub, (peg 19), 32-10.  5th T. Quinn, Everetts, (peg 30), 27-03.  6th P. Waites, The Matchman, (peg 12), 24-15.

Risby Lakes, Carp Pond, 25 pegs

Sunday 27th November’05, RAFA AC Match,

The Carp Pond proved to be in fantastic form for the RAFA lads despite the freezing weather as John Jackson managed to break the ton with an awesome weight of 102-09 off peg 34. John fished corn and maggot to the right to take carp to 5lbs and won the match by a comfortable margin. In 2nd place was Paul Smith with another great winter weight of 56-13 off peg 25.

Result : 1st J. Jackson, 102-09.  2nd  P. Smith, 56-13.  3rd K. Swyer, (peg 33), 44-09.  4th P. Evington, (peg 4), 30-14.


Risby Lakes.. Whizzo Winter Opens on The Folly…

Open matches have been booked for ‘Whizzo Open Matches’ on the Folly, they run right through until Saturday 15th of April’06. The next few dates are as follows….

Sun 4/12/05, Sat 10/12/05, Sat 17/12/05, Sat 31/12/05 & Sat 7/1/06. These matches are likely to be sell-outs and it’s therefore essential that you book on, call me on 07834 275278 to avoid disappointment! Pools are £15 all in, draw 8:30 in the café, fish 10:00 to 4:00. Golden peg stands at £155. No floating pole, no floating baits of any type and no bolt-rigs, bungee or method feeder allowed. 

Risby Lakes, near Walkington, Day Tickets £5.00, (in Winter, £6.00 in summer)

All the ponds are seeing the recently introduced stockies feeding well …..


Risby now has it’s own brand of pellets and paste, (which are produced by Whizzo, so their quality is assured!).. The Folly has been fishing very well this week, with last weekend’s match being won with a lovely bag of carp just short of 65lbs. The slightly milder weather should see great sport as the carp should feed very well again. Pleasure and match anglers are finding that the waggler and tip are producing more fish than the pole in most of the pegs as the fish seem to be out of pole range. Best baits are still maggot and corn.

Tench.. sport has been a bit up and down this week with some anglers have good weights in excess of 40lbs one day, then struggling for 10lbs the next day. Tactics & baits are dependant on conditions & what peg you’re on, but maggot and corn are consistent for the tench and carp. The recently introduced stockies are feeding well in pegs 13 – 18 and 21 – 28, these pegs are probably the most consistent at the moment. On milder days it’s still possible to fish maggot & caster shallow for the ide, skimmers & chub.

Carp.. pleasure anglers have been getting nets over 50lbs this week, now that the freezing cold snap has abated a bit. Corn, maggot, caster and pinkies have all worked this week with the pole fished at around 9 – 11 metres on the deck. Try fishing 2 or 3 lines and keep your feed going in ‘little & often’. It may be necessary to ‘rest your swim’ from time to time by fishing a different line to keep the bites coming.

Orchard.. the sport has been steady again this week, with the odd pleasure net of around 45lbs still being caught. The Orchard is Risby’s smallest lake and is already heavily stocked with carp, but it’s recently had a further 200lbs of stockies put in. Best baits are maggot and corn, but pellet will still work on the milder days. Fish are still being caught at between 6 – 9 metres on the deck. Try feeding 2mm feed pellets fluffed up to start, then increase the feed by putting in a few grains of corn and the odd maggot.  Don’t forget… you must keep the feed going in ‘little & often’ to keep the bites coming.

Keepnets are allowed, The café is open for breakfasts from around 08:30 to 5:30.