Brian at Mal Storey’s tackle shop in Kidderminster (tel: 01562 745221) sends us to Arley and Ribbesford (end of the KDAA stretch) for roach and chub fishing along with the odd interloper in the form of barbel … what else to expect on the Severn? Look for the shallower faster water, with white maggot feed (odd red added) as good as anything. You’ll need a good four pints for a session. Trickle some hemp in as well; don’t fill it in, and pleasure tactics should centre around stick float and waggler for chub, but the feeder (and hair-rigged halibut pellets) will definitely see barbel come to the net if they are in the vicinity. Phil Briscoe’s Maver Larford beat near Stourport is a brilliant drop of water and bailiff Ernie tells me that fish have been topping all over the river leading up to the ‘Glorious 16th’ and he is expecting a fruitful season for visiting anglers. Fish the 3 pegs on ‘The Ledge’ with stick float or feeder just rod lengths out for chub and barbel. The much sought after quality roach will be hankering for casters and lurking in the deeper water. The section above the weir holds a big bream shoal and Ernie knows where they are, so ring him on 01299 829373 or bankside on 07774 703067 and he might just whisper in your ear … take plenty of GB! Day tickets are a snip at just £3.