Peg 31 on the Holmedale lake is probably the only peg in Nottinghamshire were at the moment and in the depths of winter you can guarantee catching carp, pole fished at 12m at the side of the sunken building and at 14m into the deep hole, feed pellets at 12m but nothing at 14m (because the fish live there)and fish corn, pellet and maggot on the hook, local angler Mick French as had two short sessions on the peg having 11 carp – 8lb on the first and 15 to the same size on his second, pegs 23-27 and 32, 33, + 34 have produce lots of carp on the straight lead with corn and meat cast to the lily beds.  

On the Langdale pole fished maggot and corn fished tight to up to a feature or the far bank for small carp, ide and chub to 2lb pegs 1,2, and 3  are always worth trying, as is peg 26.

The Sherwood lake is now back on top even on the coldest days double figure weights are achievable on maggot, pinkie, worm and bread punch but you must feed very little and often, Alan Hardy fished waggler and single maggot at peg 22 with 1lb bottom and a 22 hook  feeding just 4 maggots every cast he had a fish every cast, ending with over 25lb of roach, skimmers and perch – 8oz, pegs 10 – 32 on the field side have been sheltered from the recent winds but don’t forget 40 – 48 pegs on the deeper road side pole fished worm has accounted for some good bream nets with fish going 4lb +.

Pegs 1-7 have been the best on the Maunside for a long time, pole fished turmeric dusted bronze maggots for the chub – 2lb fished up the far shelf and carp – 4lb on sweet corn over pellets at the bottom of the far shelf nets – 50lb still being caught, pegs 8-20 still worth a try, chopped worm pole fished down the middle at 7m has produced nets of orfe and chub – 30lb.

The usual bream nets on the Cavendish have been a bit scares of late but the roach have moved in pole fished caster as produced some good nets up to 30+ lb of fish just nudging the pound mark, fish the pole at 7 or 8m and feed 6 casters every minute and the fish will soon move up in the water the shallower you fish the bigger the fish seem to get, bread punch is a great alternative, has is a small ground bait feeder and meat cast to the far bank for bigger skimmers and carp – 6lb.

The fishery has a paddle aeration system [attached] that in the worst conditions will keep the lakes ice free for fishing, over the holiday period we are open 8am till 4pm and we are closed only on Christmas day, day tickets are £5 for adults £3 for juniors.