Holmedale Lake                   Sunday 10/4/05                    32 fished


Pairs Series Round 2


1st        Dave Madin              Mossella Ultimate Anglers 14                                29-4-0


2nd       Dean Richmond                  Merlin baits                                       21                                25-6-0


3rd        Carl Brown                CB Home Improvements                26                                18-15-0


4th   Gordon Smith               Ashima Worksop                                         1                                  14-6-0


5th          Steve Clark               X Trentman                                       9                                  13-12-0         


6th        Kev Baxter                 Diawa Trentman                              42                                12-7-0


Kev The cold weather for the last couple of days took its toll on the results with a 5 degree C drop in water temp down to 7 deg C it was hard for all Dave caught by fishing pole and corn 17m up to the small island having just 10 carp – 4lb. 3 Sundays in a row Deans drawn peg 21 but it was his hardest yet having to cast into the weed bed at the side of the island with the bomb and corn for 6 carp – 7lb


Pairs on the day Dean Richmond & Don Clarke 2 points


League after 2 rounds

Kev Baxter & Steve Clark 5 points Dave Madin & Mick Langton 7 Mick Drague & Geoff Mawby 8





Abu Peg one Angling centre Spring League

Round 2


Sherwood Lake                    Sunday 10/4/05                    25 fished



1st        Jamie Jackson                     Mansfield Piscatorials   50             13-13-0


2nd         Mick Sanderson                   Peg One A C                             51               9-0-0


3rd        Rob Hill                                  Peg one A C                  43               8-10-0


4th   John Slinn                     Rivendell                                           56                    7-4-0


5th      Ian Utting                   Peg one A C                         52                    6-12-0


6th        Lee Payling               Peg one angling Centre     45                    5-7-0


Jamie fished chopped worm and caster on the pole fished at 11m catching most of the day he had a nice net of skimmers – 1lb and roach. 2nd placed Mick also fished the pole long but with caster for roach and a few small skimmers