Cavendish Lake    Saturday 12/2/05      15 fished


1st   Mick Sleigh        Pride of Warsop ac           6             12-2-0


2nd   Wayne Jerram            Black Rods              9             12-0-0


3rd   Chris Pagdine      Sherwood Forest Fishery      15            8-6-0


4th   Pete Lewis              Black Rods              13            7-10-0


5th   Steve Salisbury    Pride of Warsop ac           1             6-15-0


6th  Ashley Spencer     Pride of Warsop ac           8             4-14-0




This must have been the windiest day so far this year and most poles were left in their bags, the winner Mick fished wagler and maggot at depth and up in the water for a nice net of roach and skimmers his biggest fish being about 12oz. In 2nd Wayne fished the g/bait feeder maggot/corn and double pinkie cast to the far bank for skimmers – 12oz and 2 bonus 2lb carp