The Cavendish always produces fish in any conditions waggler, feeder or pole, maggot, caster and pinkie and even pellet taking fish best pegs have been in the middle of the lake and the low numbers.

Club result

Welbeck black rods     Cavendish lake    Sunday 9/01/05

1st     Terry Schofield     peg 11     13 -14-0

2nd    Mick Sliegh                    9       9-3-0

3rd     Ashley Spencer            10     9-2-0

4th     Bill Jerrom                       2      9-0-0

Terry alternated between a small g/bait feeder cast to the far bank and pole at 11m with pinkie and maggot on the hook, catching roach and skimmers – 12oz steady all match. Mick Sliegh won the peg to peg battle in the last hour of the match, both him and Ashley fishing pole and maggot for roach, but mick had 5 skimmers – 1lb in the last hour.

On the Maunside it’s been a fish most puts out on the pole and maggot when the wind allows you to fish this lake, carp orfe and chub fishing at the bottom of the far shelf, pellet and corn worth a try, has is fishing right across to the reeds.

The Sherwood lake has been on top form on milder days, all pegs on the sheltered field side have produced. Nets up to 25lb of skimmers on a 4mm pellet, but pole squat and pinkie over g/bait will get you bites even in the hardest conditions.

On the Holmedale, peg 31 continues to dominate the carp fishing, but pegs 1-15 good for roach and rudd on the waggler.