Holmedale Lake Sunday evening 3/7/05


24 fished



1st        Dave Dare Sensas Mansfield Angling peg 38, 74-2-0


2nd       Eric Beminis Sensas Mansfield Angling peg 44, 73-6-0


3rd       Steve Shepherd Ashima Worksop peg 14, 56-8-0


4th   Lee Payling Peg One Angling centre peg 17, 56-3-0


5th          Carl Brown CB Home Improvements peg 11, 49-0-0           


6th        Gary Dodsworth Ashima Worksop peg 20, 46-12-0   


Dave fished pole and paste over pellet fished at 6m he had a slow start with only 6 fish in the net up to the last 90mins. Then he upped his feed and the carp responded having 14 more with biggest going nearly 10lb. In 2nd Eric also fished pole and paste, he fished down the margin into vacant peg 45 catching steady he ended with 18 carp – 9lb.


Please note to fish matches at this fishery you need two keepnets, as only 50lb of carp are allowed in one net.


Sensas Mansfield Angling Evening Series 3hours

Round 7

Holmedale Lake Wednesday 6/07/05

29 fished


1st        Colin Perry Sensas Mansfield Angling peg 35, 59-10-0

2nd       Steve Shepherd Ashima Worksop peg 38, 59-8-0

3rd        Dave Madin Mossella Ultimate Anglers peg, 15, 38-8-0


4th        Carl Brown CB Home Improvements peg 33, 33-2-0


4th          Phil Smedley Sensas Mansfield Angling  peg 22, 33-2-0


6th        John Lilliman Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 17, 28-8-0


A strong wind, rain and drizzle made it feel more like a winter league than a summer series, two ounces separated the top two with Mansfield’s Colin Perry and sponsor of the series coming out top both fishing small method feeders and corn cast tight to the island Colin had 22 carp – 5lb and Steve had 23

Leaders after 7 matches

Dave Madin 7 points a perfect score winning 7 sections in 7 matches

Martin Lambert 15 points


Wednesday day match Holmedale Lake 5 hours

16 fished


1st Fred Hardwick Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 19 56-11-0

2nd   Pete Ellis Sherwood Forest Fishery          peg 38, 45-12-0

3rd   Sid Whitehouse Universal Tackle                   peg 35, 37-7-0

4th   John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery      peg 41, 37-3-0

5th   Jock Allison Geordie Maggot             peg 29, 34-15-0

6th   Neil Wilkinson Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 26, 29-15-0



Sherwood Lake Tuesday 5/07/05


17 fished


1st Geoff Bennett Peg One BCUK peg 62 36-1-0


2nd Ralph Marshall Abu Peg One Angling Centre  peg 42, 35-13-0


3rd Lee Payling Abu Peg One Angling Centre peg, 41 26-5-0


4th John Woof Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 45,   22-13-0


5th Paul Stirland Mansfield Piscatorial AS   peg 48, 19-10-0


Geoff fished pole and 4m pellet at 11m out in front, for a nice net of skimmers, roach and carp – 12oz but he did have a bonus mirror carp of 4lb in is catch. Ralph had two carp of about 6lb each and 20 bream – 2lb on pole C/worm and caster at 12m and down the inside line.