The Holmedale lake continues its good form lots of carp – 10lb on all permitted baits and methods, pleasure catches well over the 100lb mark and over 75lb needed to win open and club matches, at the moment there is no one peg dominating you can catch from any peg, but avoid the end were the wind is blowing out of.
Even on the hottest days the Sherwood and Cavendish lakes have produced lots of fish , skimmers and carp on the Cavendish pole or waggler fished sweet corn not far out for a skimmer – 2lb most puts in, local young angler 15 year old Michael Hurst had 2 good morning sessions on the skimmers then in the afternoon fished bread on the surface down the margins having just over 20 carp – 8lb on both days. On the Sherwood lake the pegs to fish are 9 – 30 on the field side and 36-50 on the road side, again its pole and corn fished to a feature or down the margin with 4+6mm pellet fished out, mixed bags of bream and tench – 4lb in nets of over 70lb, Carp – 12lb have been showing later in the day down the margins,
If you fancy some canal type fishing then the Langdale is for you, maggot caster and worm and maybe some 4mm pellets pole fished at the bottom and up the far self feeding 3 swims on a little and often basis for chub and Ide – 2lb + roach and perch, pellet for the skimmers and odd carp matches being won with 30lb+ and pleasure nets doubling that.
Attached is a picture of Farm Park regular John Darby doing what he does best, bagging!