Holmedale Lake                       Wednesday 16/3/05                   18 fished


1st         Pete Ellis                     Sherwood Forest Fishery                     48                                 47-6-0


2nd        Dave Madin                  Mossella Ultimate Anglers        26                                 44-8-0


3rd        John Darby                  Sherwood Forest Fishery                     24                                 38-8-0


4th   Rob Ward                          Sherwood Forest Fishery                     22                                 29-15-0


5th                 Pete Hodgetts  Sherwood Forest Fishery                     33                                 22-3-0


6th        John Lilliman  Sherwood Forest Fishery                     32                                 16-11-0



The first sign of spring the March winds nearly spoilt the match but Pete fished pole and pellet at 8m, feeding very little pellets he had 20 carp – 5lb but lost 10 fish with the wind blowing the pole. 2nd went to Dave Madin at the other end of the lake he fished small G/bait feeder and corn casting to the old lily bed he finished one fish sort, 19 carp – 7lb



Cavendish Lake   Sunday 20/3/05                       14 fished

1st         Geoff Hiley                   Sherwood Forest Fishery                     peg 12              33-0-0


2nd   Jason Thomas                  Sherwood Forest Fishery                          3                 22-15-0


3rd        Bob Place                                Mansfield Piscatorails                  10                 17-15-0


4th       Pete Stoppard              Geordie Maggot                                                    6                 16-15-0


5th   Jock Allison                      Geordie Maggot                                                           14                     13-6-0


6th        Steve Pinnick               Geordie Maggot                                                           5                      10-6-0


Geoff fished pole and pellet at 13m on peg 12 after a slow start the skimmers – 1lb mark moved in and with the help of a 7lb carp it was enough to put Jason into 2nd place fishing the same method as Geoff, but Jays biggest fish was only a 12oz skimmer



Holmedale Lake                         Sunday 20/3/05                                   20 fished



1st         Dave Madin                  Mossella Ultimate Anglers                    45                     93-4-0


2nd        Rob Ward                                 Sherwood Forest Fishery                                 32                     38-10-0


3rd        Geoff Mawby                Gateford Angling Supplies                   14                     35-9-0


4th        Craig Brazier                Sherwood Forest Fishery                                 21                     24-4-0


5th        Gordon Smith              Ashima Worksop                                                          18                     22-14-0


6th        Carl Brown                   C B Home Improvements                                 36                     19-10-0


The shallow pegs round the island produced lots of fish in the first 2 hours of the match but when the cold easterly wind got up they moved into the deeper pegs. Dave made the most of this and an end peg draw landing over 25 carp – 8lb fishing pole at 14m out and down the side, alternating corn and pellet on the hook he fed pellets only when the bites dried up. 54lb behind also having a good day Rob fished on pole and G/bait feeder with corn and pellet for 12 carp – 7lb, 3rd placed Geoff fished pole and caster for a mixed net of roach carp and rudd