Pairs series Round 10

Holmedale Lake Sunday 28/5/06

26 fished



1st Kev Baxter Diawa Trentmen peg 19, 116-12-0


2nd Arnie Payling Peg One Angling Centre peg 26 100-5-0


3rd Dean Richmond Merlin Bait & Tackle peg 22 90-4-0


4th John Woodland Mansfield Angling peg 44, 87-10-0


5th Steve Clark Mansfield peg 47, 78-1-0


6th Dave Dare Mansfield Angling peg 52 63-9-0



The last match in the pairs series and the fishing was has good as the first match the lowest winning weight was 53lb 6oz and the highest was 194lb, this week Kev Baxter weighed in 116lb 12oz made up of approx 30 carp – 10lb caught on the pole fished out at 14m with the pellet and meat down the margin.100lb 5oz was only good enough for 2nd Peg One boss Arnie fished pole at 11m and pellet at peg 26 for 28 carp – 10lb


Top pair on the day Kev Baxter & Steve Clark 3 points


Winning Pairs all win entry to fish the October festival at White Acres, Cornwall

1st         Kev Baxter & Steve Clark 22 points       

2nd   Steve Keyworth & Dave Dare 28 points (on weight)  

3rd     Mick Langton & Arnie Payling 28 points




Sherwood Lake Friday 25/5/06


12 fished


1st Neil Wilkinson Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 56, 67-15-0


2nd Mick Smith Church Warsop MWAC peg 44, 53-8-0


3rd Rob Ward Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 60, 41-4-0



A change to the Sherwood Lake for this Friday PM match proved a success, Neil winning from peg 56 had 3 carp for 40lb and 28lb of skimmers – 3lb all on pole and pellet fished out and down the margin.




Holmedale Lake, Wednesday Summer series open 24/5/06

 25 fished


1st Carl Brown C B Home Improvements peg 19, 107-12-0


2nd Neil Wilkinson Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 8, 97-7-0


3rd John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery Peg 4, 80-8-0


4th Kev Baxter Diawa Trentman peg 27, 75-7-0


5th Pete Ellis Sherwood Forest Fishery Peg 24, 58-14-0


6th Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery Peg 32, 54-7-0




The weather leading up to the match was terrible gale force winds and tropical down pours, but the fish were only slightly put off by it. Carl got his membership into the ever increasing ton up club, drawn at sheltered peg 19 he fished the traditional feeder up to the island but only had one carp, fishing it for over an hour he changed to pole and pellet fished out at 14m and down the margin, feeding a small pot of pellets every put in he had a carp to 4lb every put out to the end of the match ending with 107lb 12oz. Not far behind Neil fished pole and paste at 6m over ground bait he had 16 carp – 9lb


Next weeks

Draw is at 1pm at the cabin