Despite being in November over 50lb is needed to win open matches on the Holmedale lake Neil Wilkinson won Sunday’s match from peg 50 with 71lb 8 of carp – 7lb on pole and pellet fished 6m out.
Geoff Bennett won on Wednesday from the other end of the lake fishing peg 33 he fished the feeder to the lily pads and pole at 12m with pellet for carp – 9lb and a total of 61lb 12oz.
Matches are only run in winter on the Cavendish lake but Lee Paling from Pinxton’s winning weight of 62lb 10oz is what you would expect in summer, fishing pole and pellet at 14m he had a mixed net of carp – 5lb and bream – 2lb this was backed up with weights of 42lb and 32lb.
Worksop’s John Eves fished an impressive match on the Muanside on Saturday at peg 5 he fished pole and bronze maggot up to the far bank for chub to a pound and 5 carp – 2lb to win with 52lb 6oz.
Pleasure fishing as been very good on all lakes, but with the approach of winter I think you will need to bring some maggots and worms as well as pellets.
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