Local Angler Norman Clarke had one of his best days fishing on the Sherwood Lake peg 44 fishing the pole and meat over pellets down the margin he had 15 carp his biggest 15lb 4oz, 2 at 14lb, 5 just over 10lb and 7 others between 6 and 8lb estimating his total catch at over 135lb.
Dave Madin has had the highest match result this week on the Holmedale Lake with 158lb 8oz from peg 35 fishing pole paste and pellet he had 33 carp – 6lb. earlier in the week Steve Shepherd won from the same peg fishing method feeder and meat up to the island for over 40 carp. Pegs in the high teens and the twenties are still producing lots of carp – 9lb on pole out and in the margins and feeder cast to the lilies.
The Cavendish Lake is always on top form for skimmers – 2lb on pole and pellet fished at about 8m loose feeding over the top will have them coming up in the water, catching nets – 60lb in the top foot of water 1-12 best pegs.