Sherwood forest fishery form
Despite the appalling conditions the lakes are in top form. On the Cavendish the bigger roach are starting to show, fish over the pound mark are being caught on caster and corn from pegs 1-12. Lots of carp -16lb from the Sherwood lake on hair rigged meat from the feature pegs on the field side, but its the bream that everybody wants to catch, pleasure nets – 60lb of bream – 3lb on pole and pellet fished over pellet, the deeper road side pegs have been the best. Carp continue to be caught on the Holmedale lake but the afternoons have been the best time to fish, match weights – 70lb with pleasure catches over the ton.The best lake to be on at the moment has been the Langdale pegs 1-17 the pegs to be on fishing pole pellet, worm, caster and maggot at 9 and 12m for lots of chub, Ide, crucions and small carp in nets – 50lb keep the feed going in little and often will soon have the Ide- 2lb coming up in the water this when you will get a big weight.