Vintage Tackle aficionados braved ‘unhelpful’ weather to welcome the National Vintage Fishing Tackle fair to its new home at the Kingsley Sports Centre in Redditch.

Despite a foggy morning that delayed a few people the 38 stalls consisting of 88 tables filled the 3,500sq feet of the hall for the November 20th event, and there was a large queue of eager punters by the time the doors to the public opened at just before 9am. 
“The fair is always a celebration of vintage fishing tackle and of the sport of angling itself and is such a joy to attend due to the sheer passion and enthusiasm of the stallholders and the visitors,” said organiser John Andrews. 
“Despite a few parking issues due to the large attendance (for which we apologise), this one was no exception with the last stragglers leaving in high spirits about 4pm, by which time the fog was back!”
The next fair takes place on Sunday May 20th at the same venue, and as usual there will be plenty of great characters to meet including:
Garry Mills –  The former production manager at JW Youngs who is single handedly keeping the traditional of the Redditch reel maker alive from his workshop
Andrew Davis – A brilliant new split cane rod maker from Long Eaton
A modern day Mr Crabtree and Peter, aka Stacey Weeks and John Henwood, who John Andrews thinks should have their own channel on television
A former member of the special forces who lives in his car and is obsessed with collecting tackle
Neil Freeman of Angling Auctions – now also running a stretch of the River Test

All advance enquiries call John Andrews on 07980 274 383 or email