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Spodding For Carp With Dave Lane

Dave Lane takes a close look at spodding. How does he spod, what kit does he use and when does he spod? THERE is little point in searching out tiny little features at range if it is impossible to bait them accurately. The further that you fish the more ineffective most baiting methods become. Throwing […]

Big Rig British Record carp record claim and Loch Earn trout claim rejected: Both ‘Cultivated’

News from the British Record (rod-caught) Fish Committee meeting The British Record (rod-caught) Fish Committee met at Fishmongers’ Hall, London, on 29th November 2016. Present were: Nick Simmonds (Secretary), Oliver Crimmen (Scientific Advisor, Natural History Museum), Nigel Hewlett (Scientific Advisor, Environment Agency), Andrew Nellist (Freshwater specialist) Chris Clark (Sea fish specialist) and Paul Coulson (Freshwater […]

A Guide To Spodding For Carp

By Chris Berry Too many anglers are a bit trigger-happy when it comes to spodding and cannot wait to blast large amounts of bait out to the horizon. It is a fact that many anglers fall into the trap of automatically spodding on certain waters, the Linear Fisheries waters particularly spring to mind. In the […]