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Chris tames potential new world record golden mahseer in northern India at 75lb….

Chris Beale caught and released this potential new All-Tackle world record golden mahseer (Tor putitora) that weighed in at an impressive 34 kilograms (75 pounds) while fishing the Mahakali River in Northern India with local guide Bobby Saptal. Hong Kong resident Chris needed 20 minutes to tame the beautiful fish which was quickly weighed and released. […]

The mahseer of India

By Misty Dhillon “There he stood the Mahseer off the Poonch beside whom the Tarpon is a Herring and he who catches him can say he is a fisherman”. (Rudyard Kipling) THE great Indian Subcontinent enclosed, in the north – stretching to the northeast by the grand Himalayas and in the south delimited by the […]