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How to catch Zander with Ian Welch

Despite their Dracula-like appearance zander are a very shy-biting species and, as Ian reveals, it can take seriously sensitive tactics to tempt them. An alien predator with Dracula fangs, ‘see-in-the-dark’ eyes, rough scales and spines… No, it’s not a monster from a third-rate B-movie but the zander, one of the most fascinating yet misunderstood species […]

Zander Tips

Some useful tips and thoughts for Bury Hill’s Zander sport By Russ Evans The Old Lake at Bury Hill is producing some top sport for Zander fishing with Greg Boothright’s 14lbs monster top of the list so far this season. Caught on a gloomy and wet day, ideal conditions for top Zander sport, Greg’s fish […]