Van Den Eynde Festival

Day Three

The anglers had a bit of a shock this morning waking up to a bitterly cold day in comparison to the previous days of sun. A heavy fog covered the park and the lakes and all we could do was hope that the dullness of weather did not affect the anglers spirits of their fishing.
Day three is a crucial stage of the festival being the half waypoint, it is now the make or break point for some. The weights have been steadily increasing through the week and more consistent weights across the sections, lets hope this change of weather does not bring a change of fortune.

A Section Gwinear

The lake fished more evenly across the sections, with only a few poor weights compared to the higher weights. The lake was one today by Andy Dare on peg 20, Andy fished the feeder tight across to the island to give him a winning weight of 96lb 4oz. Jamie Parkhouse was second with 77lb 9oz, he fished the long pole and down the margins from peg 19. 62lb 4oz was the weight to take third today and that came from Des Shipp on peg 54, Des fished corn to the island at 17.5 meters on the pole.


Andy Dare  9 points 96lb 4oz
Des Shipp  9 points 62lb 4oz
Phil Ringer  9 points 52lb 12oz
Carl Eland  9 points 32lb 8oz

B Section Porth

Well what an amazing day on Porth, the weights today topped all expectations with Neil Machin taking the lake win with 57lb 10oz., Neil is only on his third ever visit to the lake so this was an impressive win, he fished from peg 77 and caught 20lbs of silvers on castor and the rest mainly bream on worm. Second on the lake was Skip McCabe on peg 78, Skip fished chop worm on the pole and finished with a weight of 44lb. On peg 76 Alan Bell was third with 35lb 4oz, Alan caught on the pole with caster & worm over groundbait. Kieron Rich peg 86 had the next best weight with 19lb 12oz. Kieron fished on the 13-meter pole with worm & caster over groundbait.


Neil Machin  9 points 57lb 10oz
Kieron Rich  9 points 19lb 12oz
Gary Hamilton 9 points 18lb 11oz
Stewart Lister  9 points 16lb 2oz

C Section Bolingey

Cracking weights again today on Bolingey, the lake is fishing as well as expected and the weights prove this. The winning weight today was 156lb 8oz and that came from Nigel Smith on peg 46; Nigel fished on the 13 meter & 6 meter pole line with meat. Steve Ringer was second with 151lb10oz; Steve fished meat on the pole at 6 meters from peg 14. Callum Dicks on peg 49 was third with 141lb 6oz, Callum caught down the edge on worm. The method of the moment PVA worked well for Shaun Sylvester who had the next best weight from peg 23 finishing with 135lb 1oz.


Nigel Smith  9 points 156lb 8oz
Steve Ringer  9 points 151lb 10oz
Shaun Sylvester 9 points 135lb 1oz
Richie Hull  9 points 133lb 11oz

D Section Pollawyn

The warmer weather has encouraged the fish out of the arms and are now feeding well on the high bank as today’s weights show. The lake win came from Malcolm Johnson on peg 27 with 156lb 8oz; Malcolm fished hair-rigged meat & corn on the feeder. Steve Mayo took second with 114lb 6oz, Steve was on peg 26 and caught on the feeder tight across to the island n meat and also had a few late on shallow on the waggler with meat On peg 29 Rick Johnston was third with 110lb 3oz, Rick caught shallow on the waggler with meat. Stuart McGuinness on peg 28 had the next best weight on the lake with 108lb 9oz, Stuart caught on the lead with meat.


Malcolm Johnson 9 points 156lb 8oz
Geoff Ringer  9 points 105lb 15oz
Tommy Pickering 9 points 84lb 5oz
Danny Wynn  9 points 61lb 12oz

E Section Trelawney/Python

Trelawney is still on top form with peg 1 producing the match winning weight for the second day running with Gary Cornwell taking the winning weight of 149lb 15oz, Gary fished meat across to the island and down the edge to take the win. Second went to Ian Manning on peg 21 with a weight of 137lb 15oz, Ian fished caster & meat on the long pole and down the edge. Steve Clark had a weight of 80lb 3oz and finished third on the lake; Steve was on peg 26 and fished meat on the pole, bomb & waggler. On peg 28 Vic Molyneux had the next best weight on the lake with 63lb, Vic caught at 17 meters on the pole with meat. The best weights on python came from Ben Leach on peg 12 with 48lb 15oz and Ray Chorlton on peg 36 with 40lb 7oz.


Gary Cornwell  9 points 149lb 15oz
Ian Manning  9 points 137lb 15oz
Ben Leach  9 points 48lb 15oz
Ray Chorlton  9 points 40lb 7oz

So that was the fishing on day three and whom do we see at the top now?

Overall Top Twenty

1st Neil Machin  27 points 161lb 7oz
2nd Stewart Lister  26 points 191lb 8oz
3rd Steve Cooke  25 points 347lb 11oz
4th Ben Leach   25 points 270lb 12oz
5th Matt Davenport  25 points 227lb 2oz
6th Des Shipp   25 points 225lb 1oz
7th Steve Sanders  25 points 218lb 5oz
8th Kieron Rich  25 points 208lb 2oz
9th Callum Dicks  25 points 185lb 6oz
10th Mark Brown  25 points 137lb 2oz
11th Will Raison  24 points 218lb
12th Grant Albutt  24 points 210lb 3oz
13th Tony Wynnick  23 points 238lb 1oz
14th Gary Gibson  23 points 232lb 1oz
15th Steve Ringer  23 points 210lb 1oz
16th Steve Mayo  23 points 186lb 11oz
17th Carl Elland  23 points 176lb 2oz
18th Richie Hull  23 points 175lb 7oz
19th Phil Ringer  23 points 167lb 7oz
20th Tim Nash   23 points 146lb 9oz

So Neil Machin is starting of the White Acres Festival campaign as he ended it in 2006, can he hold onto his unblemished top spot?

Rain and colder weather has been forecast over the next couple of days so we shall have to see if this makes a difference.

See you tomorrow for the next update, Cheers Kirsty.