Van Den Eynde Festival Day Five

Wow what an exciting festival it has been and couldn’t have been tighter as we headed into the final day.

By now you all know who is our 2007 champion but here is the breakdown of the final day.

Unfortunately as everyone’s leaves on a Saturday morning I am unable to get any catch information but this should give you an idea of the final days fishing.

A Section Bolingey

We can all see now why this lake is so popular with the massive haul for the lake winner today, Des Ship took the victory on the final day of the festival from peg 20 with a staggering 307lb 14oz, Des fished at 17meters and averaged 10 fish an hour! Second on the lake with 142lb 11oz was Dave Harpin on peg 45, Andy Dare took third with 132lb 12oz from peg 16 and the next best weight came from Alan Hall on peg 7 with 81lb 4oz.


Des Shipp  9 points 307lb 14oz
Andy Dare  9 points 132lb 12oz
Paul Barnard  9 points 74lb 12oz
Jamie Jones  9 points 68lb 4oz

B Section Pollawyn

As the week got slightly warmer the fish gradually began to move towards the high bank and we saw some top catches. The lake was won today by Kieron Rich on peg 30 with 160lb 14oz. Second went to Mark Pleavin on peg 20 with 153lb 6oz, Bob Stevens on peg 27 was third with 118lb 15oz and the next best weight on the lake was caught by Eddie Stevenson on peg 29 with 96lb 15oz.


Kieron Rich  9 points 160lb 14oz
Harry Billing  9 points 89lb 5oz
John Waples  9 points 61lb
Steve Kedge  9 points 54lb 7oz

C Section Trelawney/Python

The weights from the week have shown that Trelawney is back on form and we have also seen some impressive weights coming from Python, it is hard to win the daily money from Python as it is a smaller stamp of fish but the vital section points are still there to be had. The lake was won once again off the “flyer” of the week with Callum Dicks drawing peg one today to win with 169lb 12oz. Jim Smith was second on the lake catching 83lb 10oz from peg 29, Third went to Steve Ringer on peg 7 with 64lb 12oz and Will Raison on peg 21 had the next best weight of 61lb 11oz.


Callum Dicks  9 points 169lb 12oz
Jim Smith  9 points 83lb 10oz
Mark Brown  9 points 37lb 4oz
Peter Bowles  9 points 20lb 2oz

D Section Gwinear.

Gwinear has faired better than expected this week being as this has been its first major pressure test of the year, some of the favourite pegs are still producing and some of the obvious ones have not, but at least plenty have been caught and in time the lake will be back to it’d former self. Roger Smith on peg 25 took the lake win today with 85lb 1oz, Second went to Martin Amos with 61lb 13oz from peg 31, Nick Jones on peg 20 took third with 42lb 8oz and the next best weight of the week came from Mark Dowling on peg 27 with 32lb 12oz.


Roger Smith  9 points 85lb 1oz
Martin Amos  9 points 61lb 13oz
James Garside  9 points 18lb 3oz
Steve Mayo  9 points 16lb 6oz

E Section Porth

Porth has produced some cracking weights this week but has also been very hard on occasions, the cooler weather of the previous days had effected the fishing today and the weights were slightly lower. Ken Oldham on peg 77 took the win with 12lb 15oz, Second went to Steve Cooke on peg 35 with 11lb, Russell Parsons took third from peg 71 with 9lb and the next best weight came from Tim Nash on peg 40 with 8lb 10oz.


Ken Oldham  9 points 12lb 15oz
Steve Cooke  9 points 11lb
Mark Fox  9 points 7lb 10oz
Ben Leach  9 points 7lb 7oz

So that was the final day of the White Acres 2007 Van Den Eynde Festival.

Here are the top twenty winners and their weights.

1st Ben Leach  35 points (43 points) 333lb 13oz
2nd Des Shipp  35 points (42 points) 547lb 3oz
3rd Kieron Rich 35 points (42 points) 450lb 14oz
4th Neil Machin 35 points (42 points) 335lb 4oz
5th Grant Albutt 35 points (41 points) 303lb 1oz
6th Steve Ringer 35 points (40 points) 355lb 6oz
7th Andy Dare  35 points (39 points) 345lb 12oz
8th Callum Dicks 34 points (42 points) 405lb 6oz
9th Will Raison 34 points (41 points) 317lb 14oz
10th Steve Sanders 34 points (40 points) 258lb 13oz
11th Steve Cooke 34 points (38 points) 381lb
12th Mark Brown 34 points (36 points) 208lb 8oz
13th Harry Billing 33 points (40 points) 268lb 9oz
14th Stewart Lister 33 points (39 points) 306lb 4oz
15th Steve Mayo 33 points (39 points) 269lb 11oz
16th Tony Wynnick 32 points (38 points) 292lb 9oz
17th Jamie Jones 32 points (37points) 186lb 10oz
18th Gary Gibson 32 points (36 points) 273lb 3oz
19th Matt Davenport 32 points (36 points) 249lb 2oz
20th Phil Ringer 32 points (36 points) 234lb 3oz

So that’s how close it was at the top, a proper nail biting finale.

I would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of myself and the whole fisheries team to all the anglers for making this such a successful festival.

We all really enjoyed the week and hope you did to, please feel free to provide us with any feedback.

Thanks you also to Van Den Eynde for their generous prizes and goodie bags for all 180 anglers and to Wendy for coming down for the festival presentation.

Once again thanks to everyone and we will see you all for the 2008 Van Den Eynde festival commencing the 5th April.

Thanks for your support (and patience for waiting for this final result) Kirsty