Keenets festival day four.


Well it was another exciting day; again some great weights were spread across the sections with more fish being caught each day.


The weather was amazing today (although not for those drawn on shaded pegs!) with blue skies and sunshine – a little too much for some, after sun anyone??


This is the penultimate day of the festival, has everyone done enough to secure their place as we head into the final? Read on for the catch and section results of day four.




If you come to the lake at this time of year and expect to catch huge bags of fish then you are in the wrong place! The lake is packed with small silver fish & skimmers, worm and maggot dominate the choice of bait and the trick is for you to land the fish before the pike realise you are pinching their dinner! Harry Billing won the lake today with 21lb 10oz; Harry was on peg 81 and caught on the pole with worm, caster & maggot. Second went to Kieron Rich on peg 72, Kieron caught on both the pole and the waggler with from for a total weight of 20lb 8oz. Phil Ringer on peg 88 was third with 18lb 4oz, Phil caught on the feeder with red maggots. With 15lb 9oz Riche Hull had the next best weight on the lake caught from peg 37 on the feeder.




HARRY BILLING            9 POINTS          21LB 10OZ

KIERON RICH   9 POINTS          20LB 8OZ

RICHIE HULL     9 POINTS          15LB 9OZ

STEVE SANDERS        9 POINTS          12LB 11OZ




An incredible ten 100lb plus weights came from Bolingey today – that’s a lot of fish! Pellet again is the predominant bait either on the pole or feeder. The weights have been amazing throughout the week and today was no different, Paul Greenwood won the lake with 180lb 14oz, Paul was on peg 20 and caught shallow on the waggler with pellet & also down the margins with worm. Second went to Mark Plevin on peg 45, Mark weighed in with a very respectable 136lb 14oz. Derek Willan on peg 33 took third, Derek caught shallow on the pole with pellet for a final weight of 125lb 8oz. It was a close battle and Mick Dagnall just missed out on framing with his 124lb 8oz, Mick was on peg 7 and caught at 5 meters on meat.




PAUL GREENWOOD     9 POINTS          180LB 14OZ

DEREK WILLAN                        9 POINTS          125LB 8OZ

MICK DAGNALL                        9 POINTS          124LB 8OZ

PAUL SHEEHAN                       9 POINTS          105LB 4OZ



The weights on Pollawyn were so close today, there were 5 ton plus weights and 4 pegs in a row all weighed in at 80 – 83lbs, there were a lot of pound coins being exchanged over bets. The lake win came from Steve Perham on peg 17, Steve caught on the method that is mostly dominating the big catches – waggler shallow with pellet, Steve finished with a weight of 194lb 6oz. Second went to Nick Dean with 162lb 3oz, Nick caught (wait for it!) shallow on the waggler with pellet from peg 26. On the point at peg 20 Paul Selvedge picked up third with 128lb 4oz, Paul caught on the pole up in the water at 16 meters with pellet. Mark Harris was at first not happy with his draw of peg 52 and soon christened it “compost corner” but as he started to catch his tune started to change and he weighed in with an impressive 117lb caught on the pole down the edge with meat. Mark made a bold statement saying if he did not win his section from that peg then he would give up fishing – all way going well until we got round to Steve Pomerys peg (36) were Mark nervously looked on as a big net of fish was hiked out of the lake but managed a sigh of relief as the final weight was read out – 91lbs!





STEVE PERHAM          9 POINTS          194LB 6OZ

NICK DEAN                  9 POINTS          162LB 3OZ

MARK HARRIS  9 POINTS          117LB





Twin oaks dominated the section today with the winning weight coming from peg 16, Darren Cox took the win with 108lb 6oz, Darren had over 60 carp most that were caught on the waggler shallow with pellet but later on in the day caught a few down the edge with meat. Second on Trelawney peg 20 was Ray Hayward with 105lb 12oz, Ray had over 30 fish and caught early in the day on the pole up in the water with banded pellet and he also caught late down the edge on corn. Giles Cochrane was third, Giles caught shallow on the pole at 14 meters with pellet from peg 2 ending up with a total weight of 96lb 11oz. Rob Brennan on Trelawney peg 2 had the next best weight on the lake with 88lb 5oz, Rob caught shallow on the waggler with pellet and down the edge on meat.




DARREN COX  9 POINTS          108LB 6OZ

RAY HAYWARD            9 POINTS          105LB 12OZ

ROB BRENNAN            9 POINTS          88LB 5OZ

PAUL SEAR                  9 POINTS          57LB 6OZ




The weights are still fairly respectable and spread across the lake. Glen Wills on peg 24 had a great result and won the lake with 132lb 11oz. Rob Wooton took second with 76lb 13oz, Rob caught on the pole with pellet from peg 1. Third went to Mark Richardson on peg 31 with 76lb 6oz, Mark caught at 14 meters and down the both on pellet. Gary Naylor has the next best weight on the lake with 68lb 13oz, Gary was on peg 28.




GLEN WILLS                             9 POINTS          132LB 11OZ

ROB WOOTON              9 POINTS          76LB 13OZ


TIM ROWE                                9 POINTS          57LB


So that was day four – has the leader board changed?


Read on,


1st         Harry Billing                  35 points          320lb 2oz

2nd        Steve Sanders              34 points          277lb 1oz

3rd         Kieron Rich                   34 points          238lb 14oz

4th         Rob Wooton                 33 points          448lb 9oz

5th         Chas Ward                    33 points          328lb 4oz

6th         Paul Greenwood            33 points          287lb 14oz

7th         Tim Rowe                      32 points          279lb 8oz

8th         Paul Carnwell                32 points          244lb 6oz

9th         Mark Plevin                   31 points          333lb 13oz

10th       Simon Fry                     31 points          305lb 5oz

11th       Derek Willan                  31 points          259lb 12oz

12th       Karl Webster                 31 points          245lb 11oz

13th       Stephen Donaghue        31 points          215lb 15oz

14th       Steve Perham               30 points          339lb 15oz

15th       Rob Brennan                 30 points          244lb 12oz

16th       John Bradshaw 30 points          233lb 1oz

17th       Chris Jenkinson 30 points          225lb 2oz

18th       Gary Webber                 30 points          216lb 14oz

19th       Sean Huggins               29 points          399lb 10oz

20th       Glen Wills                     29 points          275lb 6oz         


So Harry Billing has stepped up a gear and has secured his place at the top by one point, there is one day left to go and the points are very tight come back tomorrow to see how the final match has effected the top 20?


Who will be the White Acres Keenets champion 2006?


See you tomorrow!




Keenets Festival Day Two


It was a cracking start to the festival we just hoped day two would be just as good.


There had been an overnight change in weather, it had rained overnight and the sky was slightly clouded over, but weather the less it was still fairly warm and there was no rain.


Each day sees the anglers taking to a new lake, how has today’s lake rotation and draw affected the leader board.


Read on to find out how the lakes fished and to see who is currently topping the leader board.




Great weights again came from these lakes today and again the framers were spread across the three lakes making it a very fair section. Today’s winning weight of 114lbs came from Harry Billing on Twin Oaks peg 12; Harry fished tight over on the lead & waggler with pellet & meat. Phil Ringer on Trelawney peg 4 took second with 109lb 7oz, Phil fished meat down the edge. Third was Steve Sanders on Acorn 14, Steve caught on meat on the pole and pellet on the waggler and had a final weight of 102lb 8oz. Kevin Williams on Acorn peg 7 had the next best weight in the section with 91lb 6oz, Kevin fished meat down the edge.




HARRY BILLING                        9 POINTS          114LB

PHIL RINGER                9 POINTS          109LB 7OZ

STEVE SANDERS                    9 POINTS          102LB 8OZ

KIERON RICH               9 POINTS          79LB 10OZ




The weights have not been as good today but are still respectable showing that there are still plenty of fish feeding. Tony Wilde on peg 24 took the win with 91lb 8oz; Tony fished shallow down the edge on corn and pellet. Second went to Derek Willan with 76lb 10, Derek was on peg 25 and caught shallow on the pole with pellet. Simon Fry was third on peg 27 with 67lb 12oz; Simon caught ¾ of his catch on pellet on the waggler and a few large fish down the edge with worm. 43lb 8oz was the next best weight on the lake and this came from Darren Walters on peg 1, Darren caught on the long pole in the margins with pellet.




TONY WILDE                9 POINTS          91LB 8OZ

SIMON FRY                              9 POINTS          67LB 12OZ

DARREN WALTERS      9 POINTS          43LB 8OZ

ALAN RUDERFORD      9 POINTS          31LB 10OZ




C section headed off to Porth for the second day of the festival and again the lake provided steady bites throughout the day (although getting past the pike proved tricky for some!) Rick Johnston won the lake with 21lb 7oz; Rick was on peg 77 and caught on hair-rigged corn over groundbait. Second went to Ian Didcote on peg 72, Ian fished on the feeder with maggots and had a weight of 20lb 2oz. Third with 19lb was Frank Hardie, Frank caught on the groundbait feeder with dead red maggots and caster on the hook from peg 76. Brian Clarke on peg 37 had the next best weight on the lake with 14, Graham caught on the tip with worm for a final weight of 14lb.




RICK JOHNSTON                      9 POINTS          21LB 7OZ

BRIAN CLARKE                        9 POINTS          14LB

NICK DEAN                              9 POINTS          12LB

JOHN BRADSHAW                   9 POINTS          9LB 6OZ




Another cracking day one the lake with one angler stating he had never seen so many fish in his life! The lake was one today by 2005 Keenets champion Rob Brennan, Rob was on peg 33 and caught on the deck at 14.5 meters with meat & also shallow with pellet on the waggler giving him a final weight of 11lb 2oz. Jason Le Bosquet took second with 103lb 3oz, Jason was on peg 49 and caught on meat down the edge and neat at 5 meters. Brian Cochran had a great day on peg 34 and finished third with 89lb 12oz. On peg 37 Tom Wallis had the next best weight on the lake with 85lb 5 oz, Tom caught on meat & corn down the edge.




ROB BRENNAN                        9 POINTS          111LB 2OZ


PAUL CARNWELL                     9 POINTS          79LB 12OZ

RAY HAYWARD                        9 POINTS          69LB 13OZ




The match lake once again produced some top weights today, the fish seemed to have moved around again and the points & high bank was their chosen feeding location. The lake was one by Gary Hamilton on peg 20, Gary had two nets full of carp that gave him a final weight of 181lb 5oz, Gary fished on the waggler with banded pellet. Second went to Sean Huggins on the high bank peg 28 with 146lb 4oz, Sean again has an amazing net of carp caught on pellet on the waggler. Jason Goddard took third with an impressive 35 carp that came to a final weight of 113lb 8oz; Jason was on peg 25 and caught up in the water with pellet on the waggler.




GARY HAMILTON                      9 POINTS          181LB 5OZ

STEVE WATERS                       9 POINTS          106LB 5OZ

MICK HUGHES             9 POINTS          64LB 8OZ

KARL WEBSTER                       9 POINTS          37LB 3OZ


So that was day two and another great day of fishing was had by all (well most – some had a good days swimming!!!)


How has today’s action affected the top twenty – read on?


Top twenty at the end of day two.


1st         Simon Fry                                 18 points          179lb 2oz

2nd        Darren Walters              18 points          135lb 12oz

3rd         Sean Huggins                           17 points          282lb 8oz

4th         Chas Ward                                17 points          211lb 4oz

5th         Steve Waters                            17 points          204lb 10oz

6th         Harry Billing                              17 points          194lb 4oz

7th         Kieron Rich                               17 points          179lb

8th         Richie Hull                                 17 points          170lb 1oz

9th         Dean Cherrington                      17 points          157lb 7oz

10th       Karl Webster                             17 points          132lb 1oz

11th       Rob Brennan                             17 points          118lb 2oz

12th       Alan Ruderford              17 points          90lb 15oz

13th       Steve Sanders                          16 points          162lb 12oz

14th       Kevin Williams               16 points          145lb 6oz

15th       Brian Cochran                           16 points          100lb 7oz

16th       John Bradshaw             16 points          65lb 8oz

17th       Rob Wooton                             15 points          242lb 11oz

18th       Mark Plevin                               15 points          184lb 13oz

19th       Phil Ringer                                15 points          176lb 4oz

20th       Dave Lewis                               15 points          132lb 8oz


So Simon Fry takes the pole position and as well as Darren Walters has two section wins but as you can see the points are once again very tight.


So two down and three to go, watch this space for the results after day three – cant Simon hang on in there.


See you tomorrow!