Dynamite Baits Festival, Day Three.


It was a frosty cold start to the day but the sun shone through and the fishing went on.


After yesterdays match the results were so close it could go anyway, has today’s action changed the leader board.


Read on.




Another tough day on the lake, we were unable to obtain any catch details except for the winner so not a lot to say I’m afraid!

Steve Ringer took the lake win with 41lb 8oz; Steve was on peg 50 and caught in the margins on the pole with pellet. Second came from peg 31 where Bob Conway weighed 41lb 4oz. Martin Cocks was third with 33lb 8oz from peg 54 and the next best weight of 30lb 12oz came from Lee Woodhouse on peg 24.




STEVE RINGER                     9 POINTS               41LB 8OZ

BOB CONWAY                       9 POINTS               41LB 4OZ

LEE WOODHOUSE                               9 POINTS               30LB 12OZ

ADAM WAKELIN                    9 POINTS               28LB 12OZ




Porth fished well yesterday and there were some good weights all round. Harry Billing caught on the feeder and took the lake win with 26lb 4oz from peg 75. Andy May came second on the lake with 22lb 6oz, Andy caught on the pole at 9 meters with worm from peg 89. Third went to birthday boy Simon Gould with 19lb 6oz, Simon was on peg 72 and caught on the feeder & bomb with worm and maggots. Steve Cooke on peg 40 had the next best weight on the lake with 17lb 6oz; Steve caught over 120 fish on the feeder.




HARRY BILLING                    9 POINTS               26LB 4OZ

ANDY MAY                                             9 POINTS               22LB 6OZ

STEVE COOKE                      9 POINTS               17LB 6OZ

ADAM ROONEY                     9 POINTS               9LB 15OZ




Another great day on Bolingey with the top weight of 123lb 7oz taking the lake win, this Came from Scott Wilding on peg 37, Scott caught shallow on the waggler with pellet. Chris Downs on peg 7 came second with 94lb 2oz, Chris caught on the long pole with pellet. Third came from peg 35 where Pete Wedgbrow caught on the short pole with meat for a weight of 88lb 4oz. The next best weight on the lake came from Jimmy Wilson on peg 18 with 78lb 1oz, Jimmy caught on the pole with meat.




SCOTT WILDING                  9 POINTS               123LB 7OZ

CHRIS DOWNS                     9 POINTS               94LB 2OZ

JIMMY WILSON                     9 POINTS               78LB 1OZ

ANTONY ATKINSON             9 POINTS               76LB 6OZ




Wow!! That just sums it up really, the number (and size) of carp that came out of the high bank yesterday was nearly unbelievable, although some areas of the lake fish better than others, the un favoured areas still offer a tough challenge for those vital catch points. The weights yesterday were amazing, hard to believe that Andy Geldart had a great match and weighed in with 127lbs but didn’t frame and was only fourth in the section! The staggering winning weight of 205lb 1oz came from Rob Wootton on peg 25, Rob caught (as did all the top four on the lake) shallow on the waggler with pellet. Tim Row took second from peg 17 with 185lb 1oz, third was Stuart Lister with 136lb 15oz from peg 28 and Dave Rudman had the next best weight on peg 27 with 134lb 8oz. If it carries on this way half of the fisheries team will be booked into the chiropractors next week!!




ROB WOOTTON                   9 POINTS               205LB 1OZ

TIM ROWE                                             9 POINTS               185LB 1OZ

MARK PERKINS                     9 POINTS               55LB 3OZ

RICHIE HULL                         9 POINTS               33LB 2OZ




These lakes are still performing well with the three top weights being spread about the lakes. The win today came from Mark Plevin on Twin Oaks peg 2, Mark weighed in 86lb 5oz caught down the edge on meat. Vic Molyneux took second with 72lb; Vic was on peg 18 and caught a few down the edge on the waggler and on the pole across at 13 meters with meat. Dave West on Acorn peg 1 was third with 67lb 6oz. The next highest weight came from Nelsons peg 7 where Steve Conway caught on the waggler with pellet for a weight of 65lb 12oz.




MARK PLEVIN                        9 POINTS               86LB 5OZ

DAVID WEST                         9 POINTS               67LB 6OZ

STEVE CONWAY                   9 POINTS               65LB 12OZ

ALAN HODGEON                  9 POINTS               62LB 15OZ


Top Twenty at the end of day three.


1st Tim Rowe          27 points                330lb 2oz

2nd Steve Ringer    27 points                240lb 12oz

3rd Adam Rooney   27 points                151lb 4oz

4th Neil Mckinnon  26 points                272lb 10oz

5th Karl Webster     26 points                180lb 12oz

6th Tommy Pickering26 points             121lb 8oz

7th Greg Roberts    25 points                175lb 9oz

8th Chris Downs     25 points                134lb 10oz

9th Richie Hull        25 points                132lb 11oz

10th Harry Billing    25 points                108lb 4oz

11th Steve Cooke   25 points                103lb 8oz

12th Rob Wootton  24 points                318lb

13th Steve Sanders                24 points                288lb 5oz

14th Peter Bowles   24 points                150lb 13oz

15th Alex Murray     24 points                103lb 9oz

16th Ian Hudson     23 points                265lb 12oz

17th Ian Saiger        23 points                133lb 14oz

18th Kieron Rich     22 points                166lb 9oz

19th Tony Wynnick                22 points                166lb 9oz

20th Steve Conway 22 points                163lb 2oz               


So that is how day three looked – three anglers on maximum points with numerous other snapping at their heels. The next two days of completion will be tense, can Tim, Steve and Adam stay one step ahead.


Watch this space!