Day tickets are issued for fishing on Fridays and every Saturday at £10 per day (youngsters and the ‘grey brigade’ £5), and once sampled, I’ll guarantee you’ll want to go back again and, like me, book a holiday at this superb complex and catch loads! White Acres Cornish pellets and groundbait is very popular with the residents, the finned variety that is, so anglers should take the hint or simply catch less than me! Pollawyn (55 pegs) is bursting with features like 4 islands, nooks and crannies, and varying depths, plus some very greedy carp that have grown on good grub and there are fish in double-figures ready to scoff some more! Jenny’s Lake holds 54 pegs and is a great favourite with pleasure anglers, as when your float disappears beneath the surface (pole or waggler), you don’t know what could be on the other end, but whatever it is, be sure it’ll pull back … especially if the culprit is a big Ghostie! Some very pretty fish, in varying sizes, inhabit Jenny’s, including Golden tench, rudd, ‘green tench’ and big skimmers. My favourite attack is to open-up with a couple of nuggets of GB, followed by a handful of Jolly Green Giant Original Niblets (they’re crispy), and just wait for the moving jacuzzi to arrive and then the float starts wobbling before burying out of sight! Try pegs 17 to 21 and fish just one or two rod-lengths out … these are real ‘bubbler’ swims. The White Acres bait and tackle shop, where Keith Arthur can often be seen bagging-up casters (he needs the extra cash!), is run by Clint Elliott and his professional team of staff that make sure anglers have the right kit, bait and info to tackle the fishery and enjoy fantastic sport (tel: 01726 862519). Visit the excellent website at: or ring 01726 862100 for a free holiday brochure and colour fishery plan.

Southern Angler