Garbolino Silver Fish Festival

Umbrellas and wet weather gear were the key for the start of day three. It was dull and overcast with the occasional showers but the weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit especially Adam Wakelin’s as he went in to day 3 being first overall.

Adam leading with 2 section wins then went on to pick up his third for the week bagging 6 points from a 28lb 10 oz from peg 14 on Jenny’s near bank fishing in 3 foot of water using castors, his overall weight now stands at 105lb 16oz and a perfect 18 points. Harry Billing still stands at second place overall, netting an impressive 39lb 13oz of mainly roach from peg 45 on Jenny’s lodge bank. Harry fished shallow over castors but was beaten to his third section win by Martin Cocks who weighed in 43lb 11oz meaning Harry had to settle for 5 points.

Third overall is Ritchie Hull who has fished consistently over the three days and has now crept into the top 3, Richie scooped up 5 points from his section fishing on Sycamore peg 3 again fishing shallow over castor and weighing in 28lb 15oz.

Garbolino’s Darren Cox picked up 5 points from peg 5 on Jenny’s near bank narrowly missing out on a top three spot, but with 2 days of fishing left who knows what can happen.

The sections are smaller in this festival with only 6 points for a win, one good day or one bad day currently means the difference between 4th and 24th place so the action is hotting up.


Lake Winners

A Section

Pollawyn High Bank

Gary Hamilton

39lb 10oz

B Section


Mark Harper

31lb 04oz

C Section

Jenny’s This Bank

Martin Cocks

43lb 11oz

D Section

Pollawyn & Python

Andy Partridge

31lb 05oz

E Section

Jenny’s Lodge Bank

Ricky Teal

35lb 13oz












Adam Wakelin

12 Points

77lb 06oz


Harry Billing

12 Points

71lb 11oz


Richie Hull

12 Points

69lb 03oz


Darren Cox

12 Points

43lb 14oz


Mark Harper

11 Points

64lb 12oz


Martin Cocks

11 Points

59lb 09oz


Ricky Teal

11 Points

54lb 04oz


Kieron Rich

11 Points

45lb 03oz


Bob Yeomans

11 Points

43lb 11oz


Vic Bush

10 Points

65lb 06 oz






The prizes for the week have been confirmed and with 55 anglers taking part and generous prizes from our sponsers Garbolino & Mosella we have the following prizes for some lucky anglers to walk away with;

Overall Payout

1st Overall £1000 plus a Garbolino G11 Feeder Rod
2nd Overall £800 plus a Garbolino G11 Feeder Rod
3rd Overall £600 plus a Garbolino G11 Feeder Rod
4th Overall £450 plus a Garbolino G13 Power Float Rod
5th Overall £350 plus a Garbolino G13 Power Float Rod
6th Overall £250 plus a Garbolino G13 Power Float Rod
7th Overall set of Garbolino Squad Luggage
8th Overall set of Garbolino Squad Luggage
9th Overall Carp Keepnet
10th Overall Carp Keepnet
11th – 15th Overall Landing Net Head

£50 for the weeks largest weight

Each angler from 7th – 15th place will recieve as a set of prices from Mosella;

Impact pellet pump kit
Small & medium ground bait bowl with a zipped lid
5 bags of ground bait
2 bottles of attack liquid
1 bottle of impact syrup
Silver fish keepnet
Net bag