The fourth round of Fish’O’Mania saw another 100 peg sellout at midlands mecca which is Tunnel Barn Farm. On the online draw, many tipped Matt Dawes as the favourite on peg 6 New pool, others also backed the final magnet which is Andy Power off peg 5 on Extension, however, with plenty of space around the fishery nobody was really certain who would take the final spot.

From the off it was clear that Andy Power was catching well shallow on casters varying his depths from 10-18 inches, but Luke Bamford on peg 16 on Canal was also doing some damage down the edge and picking up some better stamp F1s. As Andy’s fish backed away shallow, he followed them across to the mud line where he tempted them on 4mm pellet.

At the weigh in Andy Power was one of first and put a very impressive 238lb 6oz onto the scales, which most thought would take the day. As the scales teams worked their way around the lakes many other big 200lb weights were recorded from Anthony Coates, Matt Farey, Darren Webster and indeed the heavily tipped Matt Dawes.

It was on Canal 16 where the real drama unfolded as unfortunately Luke Bamford had one of his nets disqualified for being over 5lb over the 50lb net limit. This restricted him to 225lb 4oz, which saw him agonisingly third on the day. Taking the second spot was Anthony Coates on New pool 23 with 227lb 1oz of shallow caught F1s on caster.

Our thanks once more must go to all the anglers that socially distanced impeccably on the day and to Sarah, Mike, and the team at Tunnel Barn Farm for running fantastic matches at the fishery. Further thanks to Andre Grandjean who organised the match for the Angling Trust.

Our next qualifier is another SELLOUT at Woodland Lakes and anglers are reminded to check the New procedures if they haven’t done so already and pay for their pools on the Online Booking Site.


1.Andy Power 238lb 6oz
2. Anthony Coates 227lb 1oz
3. Luke Bamford 225lb 4oz
4. Matt Farey 224lb 5oz
5. Darren Webster 220lb 1