Sunday 10th April 2011 League  Lookout
Conditions:- Fair, ambient temp 16,  humidity 91%, wind SSW 4 mph,  barometer 1024.4 mb.  Moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 12.4, PH 7.47, DO 8.6, MV 28
1st Geoff Lincoln 63lb 14oz peg 2
2nd Tony Watson 55lb 8oz peg 38
3rd Anth Richards 48lb 15oz peg 1
section 1 John Foster 44lb 2oz peg 3
section 2 Paul Jackson 44lb 6oz peg 15
section 3 Jonny Maddison 47lb 9oz peg 27
Sunday 10th April 2011 Big Waters Bowes
Conditions:- Fair, ambient temp 16,  humidity 91%, wind SSW 4 mph,  barometer 1024.4 mb.  Water temp 12.6 deg, DO 5.2, PH 7.11, MV 6
1st Barry Evans 33lb 3oz peg 2
2nd Dave Hambleton 29lb  peg 22
3rd Nigel Ripley 25lb 12oz peg 33
Saturday 9th April open Bowes
Conditions:- Fair , ambient temp 15 deg, humidity 85%, wind SE 5 mph, barometer 1027.4 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 11.9 deg, PH 7.28,  DO 7.2 ,MV16
1st Dave Jackson 58lb 7oz peg 24
2nd Colin Metcalf 50lb peg 22
3rd Neil Brown 41lb 13oz peg 16
4th Ted Hudson 37lb peg 10
5th Tommy Marshall 36lb 9oz peg 37
6th Chris Owers 34lb 10oz peg 2
Wed 6th April 2011 open Bowes
Conditions:- Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg, humidity 85%, wind SW10 mph, barometer 1017.2 mb,  Moon phase waxing crescent, Water temp 11 deg, PH 7.42, DO 6.1, mv 31
1st Ray Wallace 57lb 4oz peg 23 all carp
2nd Tony Watson 47lb 13oz peg 40
3rd Colin Metcalf 43lb 7oz peg 4
4th Peter Smith 41lb 4oz peg 31
5th Ricky Bennett 39lb 12oz peg 16
6th Dave Jackson 35lb 8oz peg 3
fish top 3  up in the water for good bags of rudd, go for dead bottom for great skimmers and bream, fish tight to reeds on the bomb for carp,
Some cracking, Carp, Ide and Bream and good bags of Rudd being caught,  water temperature up to 12. 6 deg so now start  feeding  more often, get feeding paterns  correct and bag up


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