Results of Shatterford’s penultimate Spring League Match held on Stuarts Lake on Sunday, 10th April 2011:
1st    Phil Whitehouse (West Bromwich) 22lb 0oz
2nd   Ivan Norman (Shatterford)  19lb 14oz
3rd    Ian Burgoyne (West Bromwich) 14lb 10oz
4th     Chris Walters (West Bromwich) 14lb 3oz
Next match (final) scheduled for 17th April 2011 on Stuarts Lake.
Albrighton Freeliners A/C held a match on Wyre Dell on Sunday 10.4.11 – 8 anglers netted a total of 169lb of fish.
Carp & Cat results over past week:
10.4.11 Andy Greatrex (Stone) 4 carp to 15lb on Masters using Pop up Boilies
 9.4.11  Dave Evans (Warwick) 6 carp to 18lb 2oz Erics using boilies
 9.4.11  Keith Potter (Druids Heath)  His First Cat 20lb + 8lb Koi and 13lb 8oz carp 
 7.4.11  Ed ??? (West Bromwich) 35lb Albino Catfish  + 22lb carp – Masters using meat.
 7.4.11  Tom Bennett (Cheltenham) 7 carp all doubles to 16lb 7oz – Erics using boilies
 4.4.11  Terry Holme (Redditch) 15lb Cat – Stuarts using live trout.
 4.4.11  Richard Partridge (Bromsgrove) 22lb Cat – Stuarts using live trout.
 3.4.11  Tony Loughran (Northfield) 45lb Cat – Erics using pellets.
 Shatterford lakes catfishShatterford Lakes catch