Venue, Lake 2, Makins.
1st Andy FINDLAY  KORUM   151 lb
2nd Ian MORRIS   Rugby    62 lb 6 oz
3rd Eddie KEENE  Coventry   55 lb 6 oz
Number of pegs: 20

In spite of drawing un-fancied peg A4 on Makins Lake 2, Korum’s Andy Findlay caught carp from start to finish of the Makins’ Wednesday Kobra Affordable Open.

Andy Findlay fished a method feeder baited with meat cast towards the island for an all carp catch of 151 lb and a clear win.  Second place fell to Rugby angler Ian Morris with 62 lb 6 oz from peg B2, mainly to the method feeder but also on pellet waggler.  Third place was filled by Coventry’s Eddie Keene with 55 lb 6 oz taken by alternating between pellet waggler and method feeder from peg A14.

NB.  ‘Kobra Affordable’ Opens are at Makins each Wednesday (Phase 1) and Thursday (Phase 2 or 3).  Telephone 07749 284 823, or be in the Car Park by 8.45 a.m. (£15 all in at the draw).  From 1 April (to end of September) matches will be fished one hour later (to avoid traffic).  Draw will be at 9.45am, the match starting at 11am.

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