These ‘Lightning White’ low oil pellets have been going down a storm this winter at venues like Tunnel Barn Farm and Moorlands Farm.

The basis is not, as I initially thought, the ‘washed out baits’ theory used by carp anglers – i.e. that a bait that’s been in the water a long time and has lost its colour and flavour signal is probably safe to eat.

It’s more that the light colour is highly visible in the clear water that you get in winter. Also, these pellets carry a very STRONG flavour signal.

The flavour is like a sweet evaporated cream and it spreads out in the water column very quickly, even when it’s cold.

As well as the 4mm and 6mm sinking Carp Pellets, there’s also ready-prepared sinking Soft Hooker Pellets (expanders) in the same Lightning White range.

Interestingly, the feedback I’m getting is that while this is a pellet that F1s particularly like, it’s also one that roach respond to.

That can be a bonus in the winter months when any fish in the net is important. Willis Worms are also bringing out a dense liquid to go with the range, that sinks to and sits on the bottom but spreads out into a flavoursome cloud when disturbed by fish.

Hook Pellets: £2.80
Feed Pellets: £3.80

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Gareth Purnell (Geepster)