Simon O’Brien had a fantastic trip to the 12 acre Margot Lake, North West France last week. Amongst the many fish he caught was the lake record common which weighed in at a monster 66lb.

He also went on to land a 41lb 12oz mirror, 40lb 12oz common, 28lb mirror, 25lb mirror and another pile of fish between 10lb and 20lb.

Simon’s PBs kept tumbling as he also landed a stunning 37lb grass carp, a beautiful 25lb Koi carp and a PB Catfish at 45lb.

Simon’s used DD Bait’s Halibut pellets, C2 hooks, Taipan hook link material and small Total Meltdown PVA offerings of crushed boilies and pellet.

He said: “To be honest I am still shaking! I cannot believe what I’ve done. I’ve fished all my life and then go to this lake and smash five PB’s in one week!”


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