The fourth Ivan Marks memorial event was held at Mallory Park Fisheries in atrocious conditions for many of the 88 anglers booked in for the first day of the two-day event.
A northeasterly gale made fishing conditions extremely difficult with several poles broken in gale force winds on both days.
The more sheltered Foundation Lake was the place to be with six weights over 100lb on day one.
The overall winner with the highest weight over the two days received the Ivan Marks trophy for one year. That honour went to John Wake with 169-3-0 from Foundation on Day One.
The three zone winners each day also received trophies.
The event was attended by Linda Marks who presented a cheque for £500 to the ACA, one of Ivan’s favourite angling organiations.

Day One  
Section Winners
POOL 1  Mick Stamp   89lb 4oz
POOL 1   Peter Goulding   116lb 08oz
Pool 2  Alex Bones   150lb
Pool 3  Steve Hemingray 140lb 8oz
Pool 4  Pete Thomas  73lb 8oz
Pool 5   John Harrison  70lb 4 oz
Pool 6  Andy Finley  45lb 12oz
Pool 7  Jeff Reast  74lb 14oz
Foundation John Wake  169lb 3oz

Day Two
Section Winners
Pool 1    Mark Taylor  120lb
Pool 1    Chris Allan  124lb 9oz
Pool 2   Fred Bates  97lb 14oz
Pool 3   Dave Hunter  133lb 2oz
Pool 4   Dan Hull  164lb
Pool 5   Jeff Reast  61lb 5oz
Pool 6   Steve Slater  65lb 6oz
Pool 7    Ady Hull  57lb 14oz
Foundation  Andy Fawill  91lb 10oz
Foundation  John Hall      104lb 6oz

Pictured, from left to right are Dan Hull, John Hall, winner John Wake, Glebe owner Roy Marlow, Linda Marks and Dave Hunter.

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