, Wednesday Fun league open


Wednesday fun league matches start again on the 18th January

Draw is at 9am at the cabinCavendish Lake Tuesday Open 3/1/06


15 fished


1st Matt Sanderson Peg One angling centre peg 3, 20-11-0


2nd John Mosley James Maude AC peg 12, 20-4-0


3rd Lee Payling Peg One Angling Centre Peg 9, 12-4-0


4th Jason Thomas Peg One Angling Centre Peg 7, 10-1-0



Matt fished pole at 12m and maggot at half depth for an all roach net with fish – 12oz feeding just 4 maggots every put in, he had a bite every put once the fish moved into his swim, in 2nd John fished the same has the winner but caught skimmers on the pellet in the last hour.

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