The canal has fished quite well over the Christmas period, even on the days when anglers needed to break the ice to fish.
Club treasurer Denis Hunt has had a few session on the Globe section with some success. On Christmas eve he had a short four hour midday outing, fishing on the pole with a Drenann 4* 10 well shotted down with grease on the antenna to it up he had roach and skimmer catch of near 9lb with the best fish around 12oz.He fished with bread punch and feed liquised bread.
Other anglers fishing that day using squat and pinkie had around the same weight.
Returning in the new year he a similar result using the same tactics.
Alf the bailiff reports have been few anglers fishing probably due the time of year and the weather conditions, those who have fished all seem to be able to catch even when the canal was iced over and they had to break it fish.
This week anglers were catching small silver fish around the white bridge, and on the Tesco section there were also small fish being taken. At the three locks anglers fishing on caster reported catching roach to a pound in weight.
On Beckerings one angler fished all over Christmas week including Christmas day and boxing day, it was rumoured that he caught some bream but I can not confirm this. There have been a few bream taken in the day and just before Christmas one angler was reported as having a six fish carp catch to 18lb.
The South Lagoon has been very quite with only a few bream taken.
The match this week was held on the canal section 6b and 7 at the Globe 25 anglers fished the winning weight was 13lb 5oz taken by D Pearce second was K Walford with 9lb 14oz and third was D Theakstone with 7lb 9oz.
Next weeks match is on section 14 the golf range draw is at 8.45am
Gary Scott
Luton AC Press Officer