All lakes continuing to fish well plenty of large weights falling to all baits.

Top Pool
Pellet to islands for the better stamp of fish. At 6mtrs on either pellet or maggot, plenty of good bags of stockies, carp and silvers being reported. Meat down edges is producing match winning weights of 120lb plus, F1 carp up to 2lb mark.

Bottom Pool
Dead red maggot ledgered to island is enticing large commons and ghosties. Maggot at 7mtrs is catching good bags of silvers ( perch, roach, skimmers ). Corn or meat over pellet down edges is catching plenty of F1 carp and mirrors up to the 1lb mark.
House Pool
16mtrs to island with chopped worm and caster hemp for good bags of F1`s, mirrors and commons. Pellet and bronze maggot at 6mtrs producing good sport with silvers and F1`s. Fish coming up in water with consistent centre feeding and 100lb plus bags being reported back at shop. Paste down edges for big mirrors and commons up to 12lb (paste fished over hemp).

Extension pool
Corn over hemp and pellet still producing good nets of F1`s and mirrors.
Maggot up in water at 9mtrs for mixed bags of fish. Paste over hemp and meat down edges is now starting to produce good bags of F1`s, commons and mirrors (F1`s to 4lb,mirrors and commons to 12lb). 

New Pool
Maggot up in water at 7mtrs whites and bronze won the Sunday match (165lb.00oz) Back up weights included 7 x 110lb plus bags of F1`s up to 3lb.
Pellet and paste down edges producing good bags of F1`s and silvers.
Canal Pool
Chopped worm and caster long to island and caster and maggot up in water producing good bags of fish. Paste is the match winner here with mirrors (6lb) F1`s (2.5lb) making up the weights of 140lb.  
Club Pool
Meat to island and down edges for F1`s and mirrors up to 3lb. Pellet and corn at 7mtrs is catching bream (5lb) roach and F1`s. Maggot up in the water is also providing good sport with mixed bags of fish.

Jenny’s Pool
Banded pellet at 6mtrs up in water is catching plenty of fish F1`s to 2lb with the occasional 7lb mirror and commons. Ledger maggot or meat to island for barble up to 2lb and F1`s up to 2lb. Paste over hemp down edges for a bigger stamp of fish.


Date: Monday 30th  May 2011
Pools: Extensionl
No F/man: 23

Match Report:
1st: 8 mtrs & 14mtrs Pellet F1 Carp, Bream, Tench.
2nd: 5mtrs up in water bread slop F1 Carp, bream.
3rd: 5mtrs up in water bread slop F1 Carp, bream.

1st Steve Ringer Guru Dynamite Baits 151 – 3 – 0 21
2nd Paul Newell Kingsmill Redditch 141 – 3 – 0 36
3rd Andrew Jackson Mosella 111 – 3 – 0 29
4th Chris Neal Rudlanders 110 – 2 – 0 5
5th Peter Caton Banbury Guns,Dynamite Baits 98 – 0  – 0 13
6TH Warren Beaty Farnham 94 – 0  – 0 38

Date: Wednesday 1st June 2011
Pools: Top Pool
No F/Man: 18

Match Report:
1st: 8mtrs Red Maggot up/down in water all F1 Carp, roach.
2d: 5mtrs Red Maggot up/ down in water Bream, roach, perch, F1 Carp
3rd:10mtrs Pellet slop F1 Carp, common carp, bream, tench.

1st Gary Webber Thatchers 66 – 1 – 0 8
2nd Andy Hampton Fire Service 64 – 9 – 0 11
3rd Shayn Little Map Birmingham 57 – 15 – 0 5
4th Phil Moore Lichfield 54 – 4 – 0 26
5th Alan Weare HMCR 53 – 2 – 0 1
6TH John Holt HMCR 49 – 14 – 0 29

Date: Saturday 4th June  2011
Pools: Top & Jenny`s pools 
No F/Man: 28

Match Report:
1st: Meat 6mtrs All F1 carp, bream.
2nd: Paste 10mtrs F1 carp, bream, tench, barble.
3rd: Pellet 14mtrs F1 Carp, bream & roach.

1st Mat Djukic Shimano 132 – 11 – 0 J 14
2nd Chris Neal Rudlanders 119 – 4 – 0 J 25
3rd Paul Caswell Shakespeare 115 – 15 – 0 J 11
4th Rob Avery Redditch 104 – 14 – 0 T 31
5th Les Wetton Tunnel Barn Farm 100 – 10 – 0 J 8
6TH Peter Hancox   Birmingham 93 – 1 – 0 T 6
7th  John Munfit Tunnel Barn Farm 90 – 3 – 0 J 14
8TH  Keith Haynes Mosella 84 – 15 – 0 J 19

Date: Sunday 5th June  2011
Pools: House & Canal Pools
No F/Man: 35

Match Report:
1st: Chopped Worm over caster and hemp at 16mtrs,F1 carp to 3lb
2nd: Meat at 5mts and down edges mirrors & F1 carp to 4lb.
3rd: Pellet at 6mtrs and down edges F1 carp to 2lb.

1st S. Conway Lichfield 148– 2 – 0 H 6
2nd Jason Brown Leahall 133 – 12 – 0 C 13
3rd Stu Palsar Shakespeare 119 – 15 – 0 H 1
4th Ed Warren Preston 119 – 3 – 0 H 9
5th Aid Mansfield Tamworth Tackle 117 – 0 – 0 H 13
6TH Paul Bick Shakespeare 113 – 9 – 0 C 17
7th  Paul Newell Kingsmill Redditch 110 – 9 – 0 H 30
8TH Andy Jackson Mosella 106 – 9 – 0 C 3


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