Between March 1 and May 31, 2011 all registered anglers had 90 days to fish any venues they wish. During this period, anglers would upload their four biggest carp on the TOKS Big Four International website with the chance of winning prizes and gaining international recognition.
With less than two days remaining in the Spring TOKS contest, it looked as if no other competitor would be able to match the dominating performance put on by Scott Osmond of the United States.
Well, that all changed when Stanislav Ivanov of Bulgaria uploaded two massive commons weighing more than 50lb (22.7kg) apiece.
Adding these two commons brought Stanislav Ivanov’s big four fish total weight to 185.01lb (84.38kg).
With just hours remaining and a final attempt of regaining the World Big Four position, Scott Osmond tried catching that “miracle fish” but fell short by just 13 ounces.
Now the questions is this. Can Stanislav defend his title and duplicate his performance in the next TOKS Contest?
He will certainly be one of the favorites to win but, there are no guarantees when competing in the TOKS Big Four International.
Next contest begins on June 15 and will end on August 16th, 2011.
World Big Four Winner
Caption: Stanislav Ivanov holding the biggest carp reported during the Spring TOKS Contest weighing in at 55.15lb.
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