AN ANGLING club has been awarded a £10,000 grant to improve facilities at a nature reserve.
Brickfields Pond Angling Club in Rhyl,
Wales has been granted what’s known as Objective One funding from Denbighshire’s Unique Natural Environment (DUNE) scheme.
The club, in partnership with Denbighshire Countryside Service, will use the money to create lily beds, introduce marginal vegetation and provide spawning areas for fish.
“This grant will allow us to provide a safer habitat for spawning fish and breeding wildlife,” said committee member Ron Gizzi.
“Last year the club funded the rebuilding of the fishing platforms making them safe for anglers and stocked the pond with £3,000 worth of fish.
“This funding will also enable the club to further its five-year management plan for the Brickfield Pond.”
“It will allow four fishing platforms to be developed and newpaths will be adapted which will enable visitors and anglers to get closer to wildlife.
“It is the club’s aim to provide the best mixed fishery and wildlife park for all the community to visit and enjoy.”
Senior countryside warden Garry Davies added the improvements will greatly benefit the area.
“Brickfields Pond, the first site to be designated a local nature reserve in North East Wales, has been an important informal recreation and nature conservation area for the people of Rhyl for many years,” he said.
“Fishing platforms will be upgraded allowing access for disabled anglers and there will be limited stocking of carefully selected fish species.”