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Week ending 16 April 2017
• Rutland Rainbows served to the Queen
Maundy Thursday menu includes Rainbow trout caught at Rutland Water
• Graham’s 14lb ‘fish of a lifetime’ is season’s best at Pitsford
14lb Brown for Graham Pearson of Northampton
Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021
Rutland Water
Fish 3,260 (season 8,251) Returns 435 (1,024)Rod average 7.49 (8.05)
Rutland Water’s Rainbows were served to the Queen last week. 30 Rainbow trout, caught at Rutland Water during a match organised by John Horsey, were the main ingredients of a delicious starter of Flaked Tian of Rutland Water Trout served on an oat cake biscuit crumb and finished with crème fraiche, soused cucumber and a saffron mayonnaise. The lunch followed the Maundy Thursday service attended by the Queen and Prince Philip at Leicester Cathedral.

Rutland Water is in impressive form with plenty of fish being caught and an increasing number of overwintered fish including Browns.

The best Rainbow of the week was a superb 5lb 11oz specimen caught by season ticket holder Wal Holynski of Leicester. This was Wal’s best ever Rainbow. There were plenty of 3-4lb Rainbows recorded last week with many responding to buzzer tactics, either on floating lines or midge tip. Barry Sobey, Graham Hayward, Ted Cornish, Roger Gill and Cameron Neil all reported Browns in the 5-6lb range and many others around 3-4lb. The biggest fish of the week was a Brown of 7lb 8oz caught by Nigel Savage. Nigel, who is familiar to many as one of Rutland’s rangers, commented that there are good numbers of fish in this weight range and bigger!

There have been some amazing buzzer hatches and the fish are generally feeding hard on these. One or two fish are on snails, whilst some of the bigger specimens landed have been feeding on roach fry and bullheads. Anglers have been full of praise for the quality of the fish (including the stock fish) all are in superb condition and feeding hard.

Best Rainbow 5lb 11oz taken by Wal Holynski.

Best Brown 7lb 8oz taken by Nigel Savage.

Best boat areas The main basin, bottom of South Arm, Cardiac Hill to Barnsdale, Sykes Lane, Church Bay.

Best bank areas Normanton, Sykes Lane, Armley Wood to Barn Hill Creek, Yellowstones to Old Hall.

Best methods Floating line/midge tip, buzzers/nymphs. Various sinking lines with blobs, boobies, fry patterns also working (bank & boat).

Fish stocked 2,000

Midweek boat winner Tony Ward of Guilsborough.
Forthcoming events
Beginners courses 22 & 27 April; 7, 13, 19 & 26 May; 3, 14 & 18 June and other dates throughout the season.
Tuesday Night boat league commences 9 May
Dave Hodgson Memorial 7 May
Bob Church Classic 14 May
Anglian Water Rudder Match 20 May
EFFA 6 June
Anglian Water Floating Line 10 June 01780 686441
EDFF 5 July 01780686441

Grafham Water
Fish 1326(season 7344) Returns 129 (658)Rod average 10.3(11.16)
Fishing has excelled again at Grafham Water with the rod average increasing to a massive 10.3. Despite changeable weather fish behaviour has followed a similar pattern to previous weeks, with fish moving up and down in the water column depending on the strength of sunlight.

There have been some fantastic bags and outstanding fish this week and apologies to any anglers not mentioned. Andy Gumm took a cracking 4lb plus Rainbow, one of many he took on the day. There have been vast amounts of over wintered fish coming out this season to an array of methods with some surprises along the way too. Chris Bobby got a surprise at the tail end of the week taking a cracking 6lb 1oz Rainbow on a black buzzer. This superb specimen was the best Rainbow of the week. Andy Cox has again managed a colossal fish from the bank – this time it was an 8lb specimen – the best Brown of the week and the best of the season to date. Some of the anglers having great results fishing catch and release include Mr B Taylor who netted 27 fish, Mr M Smith who netted 28 fish, K Hughs 29 fish, C McCully 30 fish, S Middleton 33 fish. Topping the bags this week with a whopping 54 is Mr P Jordan. Congratulations to all of our anglers on some fantastic results and some cracking fish.

Boat fishing remains the best method for catching limits with huge numbers of fish falling to many anglers. Most fishing this week, due to the wind, has been on the west and north shores, particularly in areas such as the Stumps and Hill Farm. The weed beds are harbouring brownies along the west bank particularly close to Mander Car Park with many fish hunting buzzer and snail. The buzzer hatch has been particularly impressive seeing the majority of anglers swapping their lures and sinking lines to floating or midge tip lines with long leaders.
The most successful anglers are fishing leaders 15-20 feet with washing lined buzzer and diawl bachs. Lures are still catching, though there are plenty of missed bites currently, particularly on faster retrieves, cutting down the tails or using snakes with a slow retrieve has proved more successful.

Bank fishing has been a little tougher this week, especially in the strong winds, though many can still have a good day when on the move. Areas such as Plummers car park and Perry Point, which had more protection from the wind, are consistently producing good numbers. The fish are being seen more often in the shallows, which is promising for the week ahead. Buzzers are also the go to method for the banks, fished on a tight line and drifting in the wind can be deadly.

Best Rainbow 6lb 1oz taken by Chris Bobby.

Best Brown 8lb taken by Andy Cox.

Best boat areas The Stumps, mouth of Savages, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Mander Car Park and Perry Point.

Best bank areas Perry Point, Mander Car Park, Plummers, the Bowl, Harbour arms, Marlow Arm, Hill Farm.

Best methods See report.

Mid week boat winner Simon Hill of Luton.

Fish stocked 2,000.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses 23 & 30 April; 21 & 25 May; 4, 10, 17 & 29 June and other dates throughout the season.
England Eliminator 28 April 01480 810531
Bob Church Open 30 April 01480 810531
Anglers World Individual 13 May John Horsey
Sport Fish Team Heat 14 May John Horsey
EFFA ProAm 15 June 01480 810531
Anglian Water Airflo Midland Heat 17 June 01572 653021
Scierra Pairs 8 July Phil Dixon
Pitsford Water
Fish 328 (season 2,390) Returns 61 (426)Rod average 5.38(5.61)
The biggest news of the week or even the season so far is the capture of the best fish of the season – a stunning 14lb Brown trout. Graham Pearson of Northampton took this stunning specimen whilst boat fishing in Stone Barn. Graham had only just started when his black diawl bach was taken by his ‘fish of a lifetime’. Graham intends to have the fish mounted. This same fish had been taken not once, but twice previously during the winter pike trials. Phil Jordan caught it on both occasions on large dead baits. This fine Brown would have been stocked at no more than 1lb 8oz and would possibly have been over ten years old, proof that the fish can grow on to reach these incredible sizes.

It has been another great week at Pitsford with a rod average of 5.4. Both boat and bank are fishing superbly to nymph tactics on floating or midge tip lines. Black buzzers and diawl bach are the top patterns.

Notable catches during the week included R Leaning from Broughton who had the biggest Rainbow of the week, a cracking fish of 5lb 2oz. Dave Newens enjoyed two very productive mornings fishing from the bank, catching his six fish limit both times with buzzers. Dave Strudwick caught and returned 21 fish including some lovely overwintered specimens during two bank sessions. The boat action has been prolific. Danny Peet and his boat partner Rick Varley returned 24 fish in one session. Andrew Rogers caught 19 fish on his visit, returning 15. Luke Key from Market Harborough caught 25 fish, returning 21.

The best areas are still Stone Barn, Gravels, Duffers, Stilton, Gorse and Pig Stream.

Best Rainbow 5lb 2oz.

Best Brown 14lb taken by Graham Pearson.

Best boat areas See report.

Best bank areas See report.

Mid week boat winner D Strudwick of Burton Latimer.

Fish stocked 2,000.

Forthcoming events
Anglian Water rudder match 6 May 01604 781350
England Eliminator 28 May 01604 781350
Anglian Water Airflo International Midland heat 3 June 01572 653021
Beginners courses 21 April; 11,14 & 20 May; 11, 24 & 30 June and other dates throughout the season.
Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish 412 (season 4669) Returns 73 (526)Rod average 5.6(8.8)
Anglers have enjoyed another good week at Ravensthorpe. The Coton End and along the Causeway have been the best areas from the boat. Floating line with buzzers and diawl bachs and a blob or f.a.b. on the point the best method. A few fish are also being caught on dries.

Fraser Duffy had over 20 fish to his boat on Tuesday, using buzzers and switching to lures when the buzzers went quiet. Mr Morhen and Mr Sawyer also had 20 fish to their boat on buzzers from the Coton End.

Bank anglers have been catching fish from the bottom end, on platforms 11 and 12 or wading from the bank, again buzzers and small nymphs are catching fish.

Best Rainbow 4lb 8oz.

Best boat areas Coton End, Causeway.

Best bank areas Platforms 11 and 12.

Best methods See report.

Mid week boat winner J Spencer of Duston.

Fish stocked 500.